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  1. For what it's worth I can confirm that the the button is there and it works, Mac, AD 1.7.0. All instances of linked images update automatically when you next open the document. However I don't see a preference setting to make linking the default.
  2. Well, I wasn't imagining it… it works exactly as Walt describes: select image press the "Replace Image" button in the toolbar in the file dialog click "Options" and choose to embed instead of linking I just tried it and the file size plummeted as expected. What I can't find anywhere though is a setting in preferences to make linking the default. Anyway it looks like we're getting there This is on Mac, AD 1.7.0
  3. I think I came across a thread here somewhere that stated the ability to link images was implemented in beta 1.7.x Now 1.7 is out but I can't find it anywhere. Am I missing something obvious or did this rather useful feature not make it? If not are there any plans to make this happen soon? I generally like Designer a lot, but having the ability to just link images and thereby keeping file sizes down would be great. Freehand had this feature since the early 90s
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