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  1. Thank you very much for the reply. I'm going to ask it in the "feature request" section of this forum, thanks again.
  2. Actually if I want to join two selected curves in AD I have to press the "A" key and then I have to move the mouse over a (very) tiny icon in the upper center of the user interface to join the curves. It's not the fastest way to do this thing, at least for how I'm used to do things IMHO. If I could choose, I'd rather prefer to use a keyboard shortcut to join two or more curves... for example when I was using "iDraw" I used to just select the curves and press CMD + J to join them... and... presto! all the selected curves were joined! :-) it was really handy and it saved me a lot of time. Learning to use shortcuts takes some time initally but in the end saves a lot of time spent otherwise in repetitive tasks. And then, if it's not too much of a hassle, please consider to add a customizable shortcut for joining curves please. Thank you very much for reading this message and best regards
  3. It would be very handy for me if I could use a shortcut to join two curves into one... possibly cmd+J... Does it exists or do you know if it is possible to assign it ? Thank you and best regards
  4. +1 I'd really like to be able to do what I used to do on Illustrator: 1) Press the "v" key 2) Select one or more vector objects of which I want to change color 3) Press the "i" key 4) The mouse pointer turns into an eyedropper 5) Move the mouse pointer over an object that has the color I want to pick up 6) Click with the left-mouse button 7) See the selected objects changing their filling color to the same color (or gradient) I just picked up with the eyedropper (or their border color if this is selected in the palette window)
  5. Thank you very much. Yes, if I switch to a US Keyboard as you mentioned I can use the shortcuts. If I switch back to the italian keyboard I can't use them anymore. I guess this mean I'll have to switch back and forth the US and the Italian keyboards until Serif will allow to customize the shortcut keys...
  6. Hello, I'm actually using Affinity Designer Beta and I have a huge problem: apparently any shortcut that I have tried that involve the use of the square brackets ("[", "]") doesn't work for me. I cannot resize a stroke and I cannot move a selection to front or to the back. I can however select from the the dropdown menu the corresponding items and do these operations, but it's at least 10 times slower than by using the proper shortcut and for this reason very annoying. On the official 1.1.2 I can move objects between layers but I can't manage to change the brush size. Could this be caused because I'm using a MacBook Pro with an Italian keyboard? I don't have on my keyboard two keys for the square brackets, instead I have two different keys ("è" and "+"), and in order to write brackets I have to press "command" + "è" and "command" + "+". In the past I had the same problem with Photoshop since I was unable to move between layers because Adobe used the same keys and like Affinity Designer, that particular shortcut wasn't customizable. This is a GIF with the layout of the keys on my keyboard: http://support.apple.com/library/APPLE/APPLECARE_ALLGEOS/HT2841/Italian.gif Could you help me, this is really a showstopper for me.
  7. Cesco

    [ADe] Knife tool

    +1 For the vector eraser. And if you still have some spare time after implementing it, I think that a "simplify path" option would be also nice :-) Thank you