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  1. @loukash If you haven't already read this entire thread, please take the time to do so. There has already been plenty of discussion about using other apps/websites to do the conversion from whatever-format to ico. The point is, many Affinity Designer users need and would like the ability to produce ico file output from within Affinity Designer - without having to fuss with other, often poorly written and maintained, software. Additionally, your comment was just not helpful, especially for an Advanced Member. I'm guessing that if @Nate.W is an Affinity user, Nate is more than capable o
  2. It's over 5 years since this topic was started, it has three pages of comments, and not a word from Serif. Someone at Serif/Affinity team needs to chime in here and let us know if this ability will ever be added to the product. Please.
  3. Hi Lee and thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately this didn't work for me. Firstly, for anyone else reading this thread, the %AppData% shortcut points to "C:\Users\<my user name>\AppData\Roaming" on my PC. So the additional "\Roaming" is not necessary. "%AppData%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\user" is correct. Although this folder does exist on my PC, it does not contain a file named file_export_options.dat. Additionally, the files in that folder have a last modified date of August 2018.
  4. Is there a way to backup and restore my Custom Presets for the Export window? I've made a number of Custom Presets and would like to copy them to my second computer. I'm using Affinity Designer version purchased and installed via the Microsoft Store. Thanks.
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