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  1. Hi Walt, For reasons unknown to be the Beta version fixed the issue Thanks Walt and AF
  2. Hi, Opened any RAW files in AF to find the exposure crushed if i raise the exposure compensation highlights get blown before the whole image is properly exposed - this should not be like this (all my files are now like this where as they were not before). I have reset the program, my computer, studio, custom tools to no avail. Any ideas where i can find a path to resolve? Thanks PS going sleep, wont check until around 10am UTC.
  3. I want Affinity Photo to allow an auto generated file name extension to the original file name at save as. Currently we have an auto generation at save as: <original file name>.afphoto I would like: <original file name><automated file name extension>.afphoto Note i would prefer the option for the user to set the automated file name extension otherwise a short tag is suitable. This would then transfer to exported files as the automated file name will now be part of the original .afphoto file name. This is of significant value to me in how i search and ret
  4. @ianSG ah yes you are right with the file names my bad. However, i would still like to add a tag if you will every time i 'save as'. e.g. <original file name><a tag>.afphoto. Given the tag will be basically AffinityPhoto will allow me to search for exported files with one key word as it will be contained in the file name. File type does not transfer over when exporting as JPEG in this case. I need the software to get this right for me every time - i can not be left up to the task as i will likely forget sometimes and then if i search for the file it will not come up. Should i
  5. Saving file as has a blank file name. I wish to have the option to set a preset file name. For me this would be used as a tag to find AffinPhoto files amongst a varied and huge data base. At present this has been left up to me to to type in Affin every time which sometimes i have forgotten and so will not show when i search in Windows. Many thanks in advance
  6. Thank you Gabe I have come to some sort of understanding of what i want. through trial and error. Due to being new to photo editing i do not think i will be able to convey what it is i have done so would be happy for you to remove this post. Again thank you for responding, being new to this software is providing many opportunities to scratch the head! currently working my way through your youtube channels Edit: attached an image with an effect i was looking for. This was the image i managed to produce on Affinity. Will be more adventurerus with this. I like the anime art from
  7. Hi everyone! So in simplest terms how would one replicate woodblock printing in Affinity Photo? What i am after is to mask the highlights form a low key image and select just the illuminated part then invert the tone (hope that is the right word) and apply on a new layer so that the white is now black and the grey is inverted accordingly. Hope i came across clearly, many thanks in advance
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