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  1. Hi We publish a monthly magazine using Affinity and it is produced by different compilers each month. I receive this to put it online but when I download all the titles are showing with a different one specified by the style that has been applied. (See attachments) I need to go into each text block and apply the style again. My question is there anyway to get the document to autoupdate itself so that it applies the styles properly rather than going into each box an reapplying what it should be showing? Thanks. (I did loook to see if this problem had come up before but couldn't find anything)
  2. Not set up to force characters on to a new line - but I tried applying a different style and all back to normal - so will delete the style and start again on that. Thanks for the help.
  3. Not sure what is going on. I put in a text frame and started typing but the type is all outside the box in column that appears to be one character wide. Deleted and tried again and seems I am stuck with the problem - can't see anything on settings but hoping someone can help. I have expanded box and type in attached pic so that you can see what is happening. Thanks
  4. I have a master page set up with guides as outline in red. Having saved and closed the document the guides appear as filled in blue when I reopen the document. Simple to change it back but would be good if they kept my setup. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. HI - Am trying publisher for our village magazine. Is there any way of getting the pointer to revert back to the move/select tool after creating or editing a text box? At the moment it leaves it in text box mode so I try to select something else and it creates a box. It's annoying that I have to remember to select the move tool everytime. IN pageplus this wasn't an issue. Any help appreciated. Thanks
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