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  1. Hello, I got this problem, and have tried both soultions as descibed with no success. I have tried to open different documents, and its the more complex ones that crash. As also the template to the more complex docutment crash, I needed to downgrade to produce this weekend. I may send this file to Serif to check whats the real problem
  2. Hi, I have tried to reproduce the error now, but I havent got it right now. I will test more when the next issue of publication shuld out in next week, as I havent time to try it for the first one. Thanks for now
  3. I have copied some clean text from PagePlus, and some images, that worked well. The error that occures is with items thats not copied. I have sent you the file
  4. Hello, I was thinking about going over from the PagePlus X9 yesterday, but I was excepting more problems with Publisher than the PagePlus slowly workflow. Im creating a docutment on 36 pages, it worked good a long time. When I was pasting some content it started, to crash/close within millisecounds, no freeze and so. The crash may occure on click in a textframe, marking the content in it, applying a text style on it, or even using the Save-button. Altrought, document was not saved when I tried and it crashed. Im using Windows 10 Pro, 1803 17134.950. There shuld be no problems with resources, and Publisher works very well before crashing. Theres possible to work 2-3 times faster than in PagePlus. Affinity version Attaching three crash reports from today 66f81e53-9d53-43b1-957c-c8984fe613ff.dmp 71a5a584-dd1c-4dab-8bf8-4a83b9416ac7.dmp f603795b-0a81-4257-af2a-b184f550c74f.dmp
  5. Hello, Is there any way to open the Publisher for more languages? I have much more use for the program in my own language, Norwegian.
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