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  1. You sir, literally saved my life. I owe you. This is amazing and works like a charm. - It even is capable of working with hair, and I got cutout 5 for free from a German website called computerbild! I always thought that chroma keying would be easier then the flood selection tool, but that it would work so perfectly!? TYSM TYSM TYSM TYSM <3
  2. Will do! And I work w/ less then optimal recources... 4m by 9m room, one softbox - I have to work with 2 diffusors to even get enough light on the second half of the face. And maybe the worst of all: THE ROOM HAS WHITE WALLS!? Enough with my rant... Thx for the tips ^.^
  3. I've played around with affinity photo and already learned a lot... But I think the thing I'm going to do is: Either fix the greenscreen until it's perfect or do it in front of an black bg and don't edit it at all
  4. Hi there! I'm in charge of the senior photos (and yes, I know, the lightning is not perfect but It’s the best I can do with one shot box). This is a test image and I will try to get rid of the ripples in the greenscreen, but I am afraid it won't get much better. Can you help me find a way to efficiently remove the greenscreen from a sh*tton of photos? Maybe with batch processing? Sadly, I'm kind of a newbie and I appreciate ANY help and tips! TYSM! <3
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