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  1. I so much want to like this product - it is very good in many ways - and would love to be able to buy (and use) it, but the absence of what to me is a REALLY fundamental feature stops me from doing so. I would never use it, even if I did buy it, for this one reason. I am literally bemused that anyone can introduce a major update of a drawing application which still lacks vector/pattern fill of objects. It is surely a very basic and essential thing to be able to create hatched objects and the like. There is not even any indication ("coming soon") that this feature will arrive in the future.
  2. I am rather shocked that there has been such a major upgrade to the software which doesn't include something as fundamental as vector fills. I really want to be able to use this product, but I simply can't without vector fills. How are you expected to use it for any form of serious design work/illustration if you can only fill objects with a shade of a colour, or an image (raster element)? To me this is a totally fundamental shortcoming. Very disappointing but given the absolute silence on this feature in the past it seems clear that Serif just don't understand how basic and essential a feature this is, and will presumably now never deliver it.
  3. No APPARENT plans to implement them either. Lack of any indication to the contrary is causing many people to just give up on the product. I have certainly forgotten about and given up on it, except on the occasions when another forlorn post to this topic comes to the surface again.
  4. Yes, but no mention at all from Affinity about this most crucial of missing features. The impression that has previously been given is that this is not an important feature to the development team. It's such a shame that a product that is so good in so many ways is missing such a fundamental feature.
  5. I stand by my comment. You can't narrow the meaning of caveat emptor to suit your purposes - it literally means "buyer beware". You are effectively saying that it is invalid to criticise a product because it does not contain a feature that many would say is an essential part of a product claiming to perform the role it does (let's say "vector illustration") because they should have found out that it did not contain that feature and then not bought it. Using that approach you can never criticise any software product for anything. Not a good idea IMHV.
  6. I don't honestly see the point of attacking someone for criticising the absence of an essential feature of a product on the basis of "caveat emptor". It really doesn't help and misses the point entirely.
  7. That's what I am doing, but it is frustrating that I have to stick with a mega-corporation who are exploiting their effective monopoly to vastly overcharge customers ($5.2bn dollars profit on turnover of $12.87bn). I am not one who criticises their products - they work great for me - but I do resent the excessive fees they extract for using them.
  8. I do not consider myself a "super-pro" user but this one feature in particular, vector fills, is so fundamental and essential for what I do mainly, which is drawing plans (not an outlandish use?) that I reluctantly can't commit to swapping to the products from Adobe. That this basic feature has not been added yet to what is in other respects a very mature product frankly astounds me, and turns what could otherwise be a solidly professional product into a mere toy.
  9. Maybe, but this is such a fundamental feature for so many use-cases that I am shocked it is still not in the product after such a long time. For many people, like me, it is the one thing which is holding back from adopting the product. I tried creating a box in Illustrator and filling with a simple vector fill of diagonal lines and then imported the file into AD. It imported the file with the box but it is filled with a dithered version of the hatching, which you can't edit. Incidentally when dragging this box around the screen there was a lot of tearing, whereas in Illustrator it is seamless. Looking into this further I discovered that when dragging it around in Illustrator CPU use never goes over 70%, whereas in AD it goes up to over 400% (iMac 27, Big Sur, 3.7GHz Core i5 with Radeon Pro 580GX) . I am surprised to think that Illustrator has better and more efficient coding in this area but that is what I see. I also tried filling the box with a simple shade of grey with exactly the same result. This is pretty much the same whether the app is set to use Metal or OpenGL.
  10. Then why isn't the functionality built directly into Affinity Designer, if the code is already written? There's no way that people are going to switch backwards and forwards between Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer to do something that should be a basic built-in function within Affinity Designer. Get real!
  11. How so sure? You will see that this thread has been running for nearly two years now without any sign this fundamental feature is ever going to appear.
  12. Exactly - it is a crying shame that this fundamental capability is missing from this otherwise excellent product.
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