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  1. Hi..I originally made this design as a circle. A client wants it in a 10x10 inch square. It was much larger but I managed draw a square...but I need to get rid of the transparency and the black line so that only the turquoise is left in a square shape. Sorry if this doesn't make sense... Thanks!!
  2. I haven't messed with AD all weekend. I tried again to start holding key down and it did start!!! I don't know why it wouldn't the last few times I did this, but it's up and going right now. Thank you very much
  3. Is there a contact us place or something where I can get ahold of someone right now?
  4. Nope, that didn't work! But thank you...appreciate your reply.
  5. It keeps giving me error code....crashes alot! Now it won't start...it just shows crash report. I was restarting it after I changed the preferences when it did this. I didn't get all my 10 days for free trial so I tried to download it again and it won't let me because it keeps giving crash error! Please someone comment or let me know who I need to contact. This has been very frustrating!
  6. Thank you everyone!!! You have answered I think most all of my questions. I appreciate you taking the time out to help me I can't help but compare this to photoshop right now because PS is the program I've ever used and its very easy to me. But, I LOVE this program because it seems so much easier and does alot more than other vector programs. I'm still very new with vectors and most of my editing has been for my photos and a few other graphic designs and backgrounds, but now the work I'm getting needs to be vector so everything still seems a little confusing. Well, anyway, sorry for the story..lol Adult ADHD here
  7. Hi...I have some questions as I've been learning ADesign..... I've made some styles, using "create style" button. They are saving as an afdesign file and not a stdesign. How do I change this? I've been opening objects from photoshop in psd format and selecting a style from there then try to save the object highlighted. It has saved two styles that are simple. It saved a couple styles that came up blank. And it didn't do anything for the other objects I opened. Is this a bug because I know I'm doing it correctly and I do see the pop up if the style is glitter. Do any of the boards on the screen move? Like the layer effects, swatches, brushes, etc.? Can they be separated? What is the difference between styles and text styles? Can I change the main transparency color to white or black, but it still continues to be a transparency? When I create an object, the line around the object is much bigger that the objects...how can I save it so the line is closer? Sorry for all the questions...I'm still learning and I've watched a bunch of videos, but I didn't find answers to these questions. Thank you! In this screen it shows the styles...three of them are blank. Why are they saving like this? Thanks
  8. kconkling

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi..my name is Kelley. I live in central Illinois. I'm a photographer and graphic designer. But, I'm just now starting to work with vectors...I've always used Photoshop for everything. But, its so different than vectors and pixels. I absolutely LOVE the ADesign!! I can't believe everything it does. I have watched video after video...I'm learning a little. Its quite confusing and I cannot believe everything it does. Very impressed. But, just wanted to say hi! I've been looking for UI videos...I've only watched one. So, I'm in search of more and came across this forum...YAY!!!