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  1. Ok, I redownloaded it again. I ran it from the shortcut and this is what it shows....
  2. this is what I get everytime....I click repair and it says its repaired and I get this window again. I completely uninstalled AD and redownloaded it...I lost everything I've saved to the game :( But now I can't get it to start up. Any ideas?
  3. nevermind...if I place a file it will show transparency so if I open a file, it won't.
  4. i downloaded free version of IA...here is what it looks like. I know nothing about it so is this transparent? I don't know what that white rectangle is behind and couldn't get rid of it, but didn't try that hard.
  5. The only other app I have I have is inkscape and it doesn't take eps. I don't have AI. Any other suggestions? Thank you
  6. Hi Firstdefence! I tried that just now and it did make the document transparent, so I exported it as eps. When I went to reopen it, its back to a white background
  7. I need to turn this in....another client wants it in eps. So, I exported it as an eps and clicked no background. It has a background. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  8. I agree as well....I always lose the objects I need to put in the new layer since its at the top and I normally have alot! Great idea!
  9. Hi! I'm back!!! LOL So, I realize that we don't have a merge function in AD. I understand that I can put two objects into a layer L and I understand about the groups as well. And I don't mind doing this, but it makes things harder for a client to understand if she wants to edit a color or shape. So, I've been playing with the booleen (sp wrong) operation and I can put them together if I click add, but when I do that it makes the color of both objects the same. I'm putting two objects together that are two colors and I would like them to remain that way and I haven't found this by searching and trying to figure out myself. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you in advance!!
  10. ok..I understand now. Thank you very much for all the help!! It's so appreciated
  11. they were saved as pngs first. I've got so many files and windows open right now. I don't know how it happened. I'll work on them later today. Getting tired...thanks guys!!
  12. I did save them as vectors (svg). But I better do it again to make sure...I exported them to my folder as an svg.
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