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  1. Unfortunately, I have tried my best but I cannot seem to make it work, as much as I try! I wonder if it is a matter of setting or some detail.. Though, AP Help manual does not seem to mention it either:
  2. Oh it works like a dream in your video! I wonder why I can't make it work, I tried to follow your instructions to the point, but it just keeps on drawing a straight line from the last point of touch (Like in 5argon's video)
  3. Maijuline

    Drag to Rotate

    +1 This feature is awesome for painting, it saves your wrist and frustration quite a bit! I hope it will be implemented
  4. Glad it's going to be fixed I found it quite annoying since I have a slightly weird habit of pressing tool shortcuts multiple times just for sure
  5. Hello! Like Mattie, I also make sewing patterns in Illustrator, and his reference picture (above) displaying the Document Info > Objects is what I use all the time. I am ready to jump into Affinity Designer but it is not realistic without proper measurement tools. Real-time curve measuring would be so good. I really hope they will be added to AD in the near future.