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  1. Thanks, yes you are right. I was not reading it correctly.
  2. The help files in Publisher talk about pdf pro, but I don't see it as an option anywhere? Is there actually such a thing? -Robert
  3. HarryMcGovern

    Mud’s Macros V2 -Expand Stroke

    evroc a no txet ... It sounds like R2D2 spoke that line...
  4. Please, include a Story Editing option in Publisher. thanks
  5. HarryMcGovern

    Making a CD label

    You are probably right Cecil. And it’s a good point actually. Actually in the case of text of text flow on a curve it can be achieved with the macro because the underlying engine is the same across all three apps. And Photo is fundamentally a ‘photo modifying’ app. Designer a ... Design app and so on. otherwise we would have just one app, very expensive, very big, and useless. Instead what we have are three streamline apps that talk to each other very smoothly. You can even open one apps files in the others. How cool is that. Colour me a happy Affinity user.
  6. HarryMcGovern

    Making a CD label

    I agree. Maybe in the future they will see it. I hope so.
  7. HarryMcGovern

    Making a CD label

    If I may add to this thread, text on a path with photo is possible... just needs macro from Paul Mudditt. IMG_0397.MP4
  8. HarryMcGovern

    Mud’s Macros V2 -Expand Stroke

    Paul, this is a brilliant idea. It could also be applied to ‘text on a curve’ something sadly lacking in Photo it seems. Thanks for the heads up. Now to attempt the macro. Which I’ve never done! -Robert
  9. For example, this is your psd image imported into Photo. you can see the layers. I expanded them.
  10. PSD is a Photoshop format. It’s not actually an image file type but rather a package. Save as PNG or JPG for example.
  11. HarryMcGovern

    Designer not showing px when selected

    Regardless, both options on, one on one off, one off one on, it simply doesn’t behave as it should. If I set a line to a width in px, it should show that setting in the display. if I set a line to a width in pt, it should show that setting in the display. The gearwheel setting of the on/off options appears to affect only the document size settings. It also affects the line size display. It also affects the size display of text sizes. The thing is, if I set a pen line width to be 5px I expect to see that displayed in the interface as 5px, not 1pt, or what ever it is. And vice versa. In short, there is something wrong with this paradigm. I’m not complaining, I understand where 1st release software comes from. I hope it’s not a ‘feature’ though. So hopefully it’s something that will be looked at. It’s pointless allowing the user to set any measurement type from the list of options, when once accepted it simply displays what it wants.
  12. HarryMcGovern

    Designer not showing px when selected

    Ok, hmmm. Switching off both options sets the line width etc to px by default. Fine but then on screen display stays as px no matter what you select in the document options.
  13. HarryMcGovern

    Designer not showing px when selected

    Ok. Same behavior in Photo. only this time the default is px. Set a line to pt, and there it is - px. Even if I set the document to pt, internally, everything reads px.
  14. HarryMcGovern

    Designer not showing px when selected

    Thanks, yes the document does read px but the behavior in document remains the same. No matter what option I use, it still reverts to pt, not px. Now it’s all very well setting defaults to points, but if I want or need to work with pixels, px, and I’ve set the document defaults to px, then it should stay px. its confusing having it revert. I might add, that any pen etc that I try to set to px, steadfastly remains pt. Doesn’t matter what. in remains pt and so on. i mean. If I set a pen to px, it should read px.? IMG_0388.MP4
  15. This may be my fault but when I change a brush to px from pt, which seems to be a default, in brush or pen modes especially. May be others, the display in the size stays at pt, and doesn’t change to px. So, in the image attached the 5px as selected remains 2.5pt when I press ok. I’m using the latest iPad version by the way. Is this an issue? Or am I doing something wrong?

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