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  1. Yea, sorry. It is there. Found it. mea culpa. As usual, shot my self in the foot.
  2. Well, I see this problem has always been around. And it's a real problem. I can't see any detail of an image in Photos, related to any image. Bring it in from Apple's Photos and no data. The data is there, as per Info. But not in AfPhoto. Hopefully soon, yes?
  3. I'm reading through a tutorial here, and come across the Page Tools option in InDesign. What is the equivalent or similar option in Publisher?
  4. Sounds like a good idea Patrick. I was actually unsure where to put it... thanks for sorting it out. robert
  5. Lulu, the book publishing people, and a very positive blog post from their lead writer. https://blog.lulu.com/2019/04/05/affinity-publisher-an-indesign-alternative/ Very interesting, and very useful links.
  6. Thanks for the reply, yes I realise it will be no small task to add ePub exporting. But I’m sure the team will have it in the pipeline if only because it’s another mountain to climb. So I’ll just wait impatiently. :-)
  7. It may well be in the pipeline, but something integrated into the trinity that replaces Lightroom. Darkroom comes close, but it’s not quite there yet. now I know Lightroom does editing but the feature I’m after is the catalog. Darkroom does it. Apple Photos does it... and of course Lightroom. like that
  8. Thanks ... I couldn't see it for looking at it. Yes, nice addition.
  9. I opened one of the three and I can't remember which, Photos, Publisher or Designer and there was an option to obtain images and art from I think three different image repos. I cant for the life of me remember where they were or where I saw that option. One of them was - I think - Unsplash.. does anyone have either the urls or the location within the apps where I can relocate them.? Thanks
  10. ... so I worked out that I completely cant' follow that tutorial on the Desktop. It's obviously not for a beginner. No, it's not that. its that I am trying to find my way around the menu options. And I found a helper. So I found this. Invaluable... https://cutthruthefog.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/affinityphototutorials.pdf
  11. Hi, thanks. Yes, I'm trying to follow the tutorial on the desktop, but obviously, things are in a different place, with slightly names. I mean, I'm slowly working it out, and coming to grips with words like "persona" ... new to me. I really am a new user of this software. The note .. go to the Selections Persona, and using the Flood Selection Tool So I worked out that Selection Persona was simply "Select". But then ran into the Flood Selection Tool. Nope, can't see that anywhere. and annoyingly, unlike Photoshop, there is no context help. Where typing the word in the Help Search pane brings up pointers to the right commands. But that's ok. I know they are different. So there I am stuck at part 3. Not very far into it I'm afraid. but I keep plugging away.
  12. This tutorial is done on the iPad, and as a newbie to Affinity Photo desktop, I'm struggling to find the equivalent commands in the desktop version. https://affinityspotlight.com/article/creating-a-sci-fi-landscape-with-affinity-photo-for-ipad/
  13. http://gde-fon.com example, but there are all genres, all sizes, and a lot of very useful material.
  14. Thanks for highlighting these steps. Original image: Just the Orange part of the fish. and of course, I can have just the black outline of the original or just the white background. Very helpful. Thanks guys.
  15. Thanks, it does look like the only way to do it at present. No presets, so build my own. Depending on book type.