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  1. So with the new update, 1.8.4 Designer Bleed & Margins not working with Artboards. Or, not working properly. On my iPad. Here’s what I’ve tried. 1. Open a new blank document for Print mode, A4 2. Add an artboard, add a vector layer to it. 3. Show Bleed and add bleeds at 3mm. 4. Add margins. Both options work fine, showing both Bleed and margin guides. NEXT 1. Open a New Document, Print, A4, with Artboard checked as well. 2. select artboard, add a vector layer 3. Show Bleed and margins and try and set them... nothing. No result. just doesn’t work. Si I’m wondering if maybe there is an option I’m not aware of. Robert
  2. I'm looking at the Publisher -> Welcome -> Sample files. 4 I think in all. They can be opened in Publisher, but not saved or modified tc. They are Locked. Cant even export them. The reason I ask - is that there is one YouTube video by Serif at least, that refers to the Frey&Konig one. But it can't edited or otherwise anything done with it. Is it possible to find these Unlocked versions? Thanks
  3. Yep, that’s ok. I can convert if I need to. Just thought it would be a great addition to open up a massive resource pool to Affinity users. And potential users.
  4. It's be real nice if support for .INDT file import could be added. It's obviously possible, as IDMarkz (https://markzware.com/products/idmarkz/?src=IDMarkz) can open them and export them to Affinity Publisher files. So it can be done... Thank guys. Nice programs
  5. Zoom Out switch needed in Layers Studio for Designer, by this I mean that double tapping on a design element icon in a layer causes a Zoom in to focus on that element. There appears to be no opposite Zoom Out. Solo mode has it. Solo on/Solo off why not Zoom on/Zoom off Just an idea robert
  6. Let’s hope it does in the future. I presume it exports hyperlinks into PDF documents? Fully Importing pdf Exporting to EPub is the other thing I’d really like...
  7. #StayingHome Recolour Brush and Change Colours Using Affinity Photo on iPad #WithMe there we go...
  8. Hi there. I’m right now doing a short video and slide presentation on just how to do recolouring in Affinity Photo. Should be up on YouTube later today.
  9. Sorry I can’t. It’s a commercial product. I’ve already got a refund. not to worry. I’ll work it out one day. thanks
  10. Ah I see. That makes sense. Hmmm. I wonder if the brushes can be ‘fixed’ in that case. How does one pull apart a brush?
  11. When I paint with certain brushes, mostly imports from Photoshop brushes, they leave bands of solid colour on the screen. happens on both desktop and iPad. these images are both the result of continuous brushing. it only happens with non-native brushes? Thanks
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