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  1. What are the specs of your iPad? Year. Model, memory size (storage) I ask because I’m on an iPad Mini 6. 256GB. And I don’t have any problems at all. I’ve done hundreds of videos for YouTube on it, with all three apps. Of course a few issues from time to time with updates, and brushes that aren’t made specifically for Affinity. So something is up?
  2. Sorry but this is standalone. Not in Studio link. The Swatches -> Palette functions just aren’t working properly. The tool kind of work, but not properly.
  3. Hi, can you tell me if this issue has been solved in the French version?
  4. Hi, I feel your pain, but may I ask which app you are using that has this problem? Designer? Photo? Publisher? Has your problem since been resolved following updates? I have tried to recreate the issue but don’t see it happening. Having said that I did find some erratic behaviour from time to time in the early releases that went away following updates. Also, I have found that the iPad - I use an iPad mini 6 - can be hesitant when it’s doing something else in the background like updating or fetching mail etc. So please let me/us know if you have resolved your issues.
  5. I don’t have a problem really. It’s small of course, but zooming in or out solves most issues. Of course the desktop has no limitations, but I like to use the mini as I’m rarely at my desk. So it’s all a matter of need.
  6. When adding a new colour to a new swatch, the displayed colours aren’t updating as they should. You have to back off the created swatch then re-enter it for the new swatch colour to show.
  7. I see a Pantone color by number. How can I import a list of such colours by number.?
  8. Nope. That option doesn’t exist in iPad. Document Setup doesn’t appear to be there either.
  9. I’d like to be able to change bleed colours but I can’t find a way to do so? Only Margins? The Gelp menu doesn’t reflect what’s happening in the app either I note.
  10. The Books option on the desktop model is a useful option and I’m wondering if it’s likely to come to the iPad version?
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