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  1. I see this discussion has been going on for four years. Without any comment from Serif. It looks like I have to bury my hopes. Unfortunately, the product name is misleading. From my point of view, design goes beyond the creation of illustrations. Adobe is more precise at this point
  2. For this target group a change to Affinity-Designer is not feasible.
  3. For industrial designers, architects, technical illustrators, etc. an indispensable feature. For this target group a change to Affinity-Designer is not feasible.
  4. As IndustrialDesigner I use AI in combination with the plugin hot door CADtools. I primarily use the dimensioning function in presentation and explanation drawings.In conjunction with the Mac 64bit conversion and Adobe's licensing policy, I would like to switch to Affinity Designer. The missing dimensioning tool prevents me from switching (The switch to Affinity Photo I have already made). The dimensioning functionality of Canvas Draw would be sufficient for the first step.. Is there any hope?

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