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  1. RAW images altered in background, auto pre-edit you cant undo

  2. Lastly, this is an example of what not to do. Pleas fix your software to not interpret and change my RAW. This photo was a mistake, when opening in Aperture it looks very dark and is unaltered, yet when the same RAW is opened in Affinity, it's been changed in the background by the Affinity developer by about +2ev in the shadows and about -1ev in the highlights. Yet all the adjustments show "Zero" like nothing has been done to it. That is a severe problem, your saying this is what it should look like in our opinion. Really? why cant you just let us see it? Or even just set the sliders to show
  3. The ETTR iso problem is not really an issue i think as iso on digital cameras in just amazing now, on my 12bit Sensor Sony A900 it means iso 320 instead of 160, there is a difference in my case, a bir more noise, but the shadow detail is out of the area where the noise is, but i can leave the iso at 160 and just use a slightly slower shutter speed. As there is image stabilisation and amazing quality in iso up to even 3600 on some cameras, it's really not an issue. Getting right in camera limits the tonal quality. I use +0.7 to +1.0ev. The shadow detail is just so much better. It does mean I ne
  4. alanthompson.co.nzHi, i'm taking some time to write this so please consider it. 1) There is an opportunity with the axing of Aperture to get a whole lot of clients. Most use it as the RAW developer is just so good. i do. Good exposure limits tonal quality, hence ETTR. Aperture recovers the highlight detail the best via winding back the exposure. This gives better tonal detail in shadows. So the really have a look at how Affinity does this. A recovery slider like Adobe etc really is a joke as it just turns the brightness down. True detail is recovered with the exposure slider. 2) Don't pre ad
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