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  1. Not only on MacOS Big Sur. I have this issue on MacOS Catalina with the Mac App Store version.
  2. Yes Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are Mac App Store Versions.
  3. Since the update to 1.8.6 under MacOS 10.15.7 the start performance of Affinity Photo is much slower that before with version 1.8.4.
  4. I have tried to let a text flow around an image. I have used a workaround, used an rectangle convert this into a curve, add some points to the curve around my image and than convert this curve into a text frame. Now the document could not be saved any more.
  5. This workaround has a bug. When I've done it, the document could not be saved anymore. If I remove the curve with the text, I could save the file again.
  6. How do I convert an imported RGB image into CMYK to prepare a layout for printing? I currently didn't find any information within the help.
  7. Is there an option to let text flow around an object like an imported image? I use this very much in Corel DRAW on my old windows machine, when I create flyers. It would be helpful to have this feature in Affinity too.
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