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  1. @JFisher HI, Here are all the reports in that folder. eae7644b-de2b-4add-80e3-b6b99ee95978.dmp 7b626355-cff0-45ba-9d23-95928fb3fae2.dmp 8a083809-29b6-4309-af83-9288de528d02.dmp 9a7ff5d9-7f5e-46ab-b096-532d89101c95.dmp 39c4006d-ea44-4bf8-8aa4-8d06f6c89409.dmp 68d3b33f-2466-41c8-bfcc-dcdf2bdb394d.dmp 82e23bfe-e2fb-4c91-8466-eef485de3b86.dmp 594bc332-91b1-4e71-a426-95bbfe9c04e2.dmp 594c058e-3353-42eb-a749-0317ea916d3b.dmp 90267bc3-df95-4d50-8105-6c78c0fc95b5.dmp 63343582-be31-42b7-a57a-9a2c067b39fd.dmp b1c17ee9-0db6-4688-9bb6-f4ebf8c80515.dmp d2e25885-fe1f-407a-88e7-389e3a9d10e2.dmp
  2. @JFisher Hi, These are the files I can see in my ICC
  3. @Typo998 Hi! Yes, I did try that, however, the freezing problem hasn't resolved itself. When I start the program everything works but as soon as I select File -> New it automatically freezes the program and nothing can be selected.
  4. So I installed the new update and the program is now unusable if I want to make new files as it freezes The program works fine when opening old files, however now when typing certain words get automatically capitalized that should not be. I did not encounter any of these bugs before downloading the new version. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling over to SSD without success. Any ideas?

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