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  1. Peter's Vault

    I need help

    Thank you!
  2. Peter's Vault

    I need help

    Can you please help me make the white brighter? I have some other images on my website next to this heart and they are so much brighter. https://petersvaults.com/ if you click on the link and scroll down you'll see the images. Thanks again for your help!!!
  3. Peter's Vault

    I need help

    Thank you both very much!!
  4. Hello, I am new to Affinity and new to this world. I need to learn the simplest way to change the background color to my images. I small jewelry website and I am taking my own pictures on a white background and I want to change the background to totally white as the images come out looking grayish. Most of the stuff online is tutorials on photoshop and I need affinity help. I am attaching a simple image I took to try and practice on. I have tried searching to no avail, I probably don't know the technical terms to find what I need. thanks a lot for any help.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hello, My name is Peter. I am a jeweler by trade with a recent website launch and I an trying to learn Affinity photo but I am feeling overwhelmed