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  1. Very grateful for your help, I had totally managed to miss the text frame panel too! All fixed now
  2. I am having problems changing the fill colour of a shape text box (the grey trapezoid in the picture below). I have clicked on the box itself and the text isn't highlighted, but whatever I do, it is the text fill which changes, rather than the text BOX fill.
  3. I think Microsoft Office may be causing the problem. The exported images still look blurry on my screen viewed in Microsoft Photo at 100% or smaller and blurry if I insert images into MS Publisher. Really not sure how to correct this one!
  4. Thanks both for your help. I've tried combining a triangle and a rectangle which succeeds in terms of getting the text the right way up. However, further down the text box it is snapping the text to the edge of the rectangle (see pic below). Drawing the rectangle over the trapeze then performing the Boolean intersection worked though.
  5. I want to create a text box from a flipped trapezoid (so the wider edge of the trapezoid is at the top of the shape) and add text. However, if I flip the shape vertically to achieve this then add text, the text remains upside down.
  6. Interestingly these uploads look fine! But it doesn't look fine when I open in Microsoft programs - Photos or MS Publisher. Here's a screen print.
  7. I am having problems with exporting a logo from Publisher - the text in particular is blurry - and the last time I exported I got a problem with a flattening off of one of the letters (second C in the word ACACIA). I have read through the advice given to others with similar problems but not managed to resolve it. I've tried JPG and PNG exports with just about every setting possible, and still running into problems. I have more need for the PNG version but do also need a useable JPG. I am not especially experienced with publishing software so I would really appreciate advice aimed at beginner level! Acacia Final_editable text curves.afpub