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  1. Hello all, my problem is solved. It was the font "Dummies.ttf" and when it is erased, than is the PDF-Export possible again. Best regards and thanks for your help
  2. At first: Thanks to all, they want to help me. In the next time I must work outwards and when I´m at home again, than I will try. Sorry for my bad English, but I´m German. Best regards to all.
  3. Hello all, I´ve got the same problem with the same features, already shown in the pictures from the others and the alarm, too. ("File could not be created..") PDF-export doesn´t running on my PC. Other files are no problem. My version is the same as Namguni´s and I´m using it with Win 10. I´ve done a reset/deleting of the User Data and the File Export Presets, but the problem stays.........