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  1. I feature that would be a great option is to have the option of a no line break before or after a paragraph. With a "no line break" option turn on for a paragraph, hitting the return key would not place the paragraph below the previous one but would keep it on the same line even though its a new paragraph. Adding space before to this paragraph would allow its position to be change on the page. We could then have one line with two different paragraph that can be styled differently. Paragraph one ns this example would have "no line break after" turned on. Paragraph two would have "no line break before" turned on This use to be a feature in Ventura Publisher in the 90s This is paragraph one This is paragraph two paragraph two continues here and here.
  2. When i try exporting document as PDF I get the error in the screen shot. The second page is an image that is link to an Affinity Photo document. The image on the first page right column is a .jpg. I get this error even if I make the image resolutions lower. Error goes away only when I rasterize both images in Publisher.