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  1. MEB,


    Yes, I see that is one way to do it - but doesn't it defeat the "non-destructive" thing?

    I suppose I could also crop the image, copy it and create a new document and re-crop (in Beta) to enlarge the area and re-sample...

    These seem like work-arounds to something which cumulative layer properties should account for since I still don't understand why the crop tool penetrates everything to override previous cropping...

    One thing at a time...

    Thanks again.

  2. R C-R,


    What I am saying is that once an image is cropped, I assume my intention was to "remove from active" the portions of the image I had cropped out.

    Seems odd to me that my "decision to remove" should be overridden by a subsequent crop.

    Using the 1.7 Beta, which now does resampling, how would you add a white (or background) border to a selected, cropped portion of an image?

    The crop tool can be made larger than the image and if there is background behind it, it works as I want.

    If, however, there is a part of the original image I had decided to remove, sitting there, out of live view, it reappears.

    If I am not making myself clear, let me know.

  3. I hope this comment is relevant, or "close enough..."

    It seems "non-destructive" gets in the way...

    When I crop, I would like to think I cropped the image.

    If I crop the cropped image, the uncropped portions from the "original" can reappear.

    I want to add a white border and the new "re-sampling" behavior is just the ticket which allows that, however, it also reveals portions of the original image which I had already "cropped out."

    Shouldn't the result of actions be the "intersection" of those actions, overlaying ALL of them rather than randomly nullifying previous actions?

  4. R C-R:

    One comment about "non-destructive" editing...

    It seems to me that the result of multiple actions (including cropping) should be the "intersection" of the actions.

    They way it works now is that you cannot effectively crop a cropped image since the last crop nullifies some previous ones.

    Personally, I think "cumulative" should be the operative concept.

    Revealing a previously cropped out area (quite by surprise!) with a later crop is an issue to be addressed, IMHO.

  5. I appreciate this forum and all the responses!

    I received a response from the folks at Serif informing me they are aware that the cropping tool needs changes and they have/are addressing some issues.

    They have issued a Beta release of Affinity Photo (1.7) which I will try.

    I support making their products "better" in every way possible.

    "Feedback is a good thing!"

  6. Old Bruce,

    I expect I pay the price for "non-destructive" editing.

    The image I was attempting to "crop" was the result of other actions in the previous image I sent along.

    I did not expect cumulative actions to negate previous ones. (i.e. I had already cropped out what I didn't want only to have it reappear!)

    I wanted to create a "cropped" image which would end up on a "larger" yet "same size as the crop specs" canvas in order to keep the total size to that specified with the crop tool - the intention being to add a "white" (i. e. background) border.

    If you have ever used PhotoShop, you know that works as slickly as can be.

    I guess adding a white border to an image of a specific aspect ratio is more cumbersome with Affinity Photo and I will have to suss out all the steps involved.

  7. Walt,


    Re: "Affinity applies the crop I have chosen, in all cases. I'm not sure why you're not having that experience."

    The example I provided was to "crop" an area larger than the image - which can easily be done in PS.

    Affinity seems to arbitrarily decide to make the image fit inside the cropping tool in one dimension.

    I am sure there is a cumbersome way to accomplish what I want, just not as easily as with "that other software."

    Has to do with the relationship between "Canvas Size" and "Image Size" and the order of permanence, I assume.

    Maybe the aberration is with the "other software... ;-)"

  8. HVDB,

    Please tell me where my views should be modified...

    "DPI" refers to output pixel density.

    It is not related to total data count.

    When I specify that my intention is that the image be output (or reproduced, printed, etc.) at a specific "DPI,' or resolution, (or specific physical dimensions) that information should be part of the file header in order to inform the output process.

    I think, with Affinity, that is not the case.

    So, if I create an image intended to be output at 300 dpi in order to have a specific size on the output device, is that information conveyed? 

    When I re-open the image, it appears not.

  9. Alfred,

    Well, picking the "Size" mode and picking the size is also meaningless since it makes no difference.

    The crop tool just moves about unrestricted, ignoring the "size" selected, maintaining nothing.

    Also, choosing "Absolute Ratio" maintains the appearance of the specified ratio but when you click "Apply" it does what it wants.

    If you wish to maintain a specified ratio in order to create a space border around your image, it looks like you are doing so until you click apply, at which point Affinity Photo applies the crop as IT chooses, not you.

    I see these things as "problems."

    The "problem" being that Affinity does not provide a way for me to accomplish what I intend, even going so far as second-guessing my intent.

    Time for more work-arounds?





    As applied.png

  10. Alfred,


    As I said, I am coming from PhotoShop where using the crop tool, IMHO, makes more sense, but Affinity Photo is not PS.

    I was thinking I might be doing something incorrectly myself, thinking that I could specify the desired result of cropping then use the crop "tool" to achieve it.

    Still learning...

  11. HVDB,

    Thank you.

    My "confusion" does not stem from not understanding "DPI," but rather why it is necessary to use a "work-around" (create "new" document and insert the image...) in order to just specify the desired end result on the document on which you are working...

    One changes and sets the desired size/dpi specs but doing so is ignored by the software?

    The changed settings are not even remembered?

    While I am thankful to know the "work-arounds," I would prefer Affinity Photo to behave in a more straight forward way, but...

    Still, and always, thank you all for pointing out a way!

  12. GabrielM,

    Thanks, but...

    The menu offers sizes and ratios which I would assume mean that the image would be cropped to the selected size or ratio, and yet...

    If you choose one, it means nothing... Why offer them on the. menu?

    As soon as to do anything with the crop rectangle, the "selected" size is ignored.

    I am still confused and can only assume: "It doesn't work correctly, you need a work-around..."




  13. Trying to make the transition from PhotoShop ...

    When I go to "Document Size," Affinity does not tell me the current size of the document in anything but pixels @ 72 dpi, even after I have changed the size and look again.

    Saving the document and re-opening it opens it as a 72 dpi document again.

    Am I imagining this or doing something wrong?

    ALSO, setting the "Crop" tool to a restricted size or ratio only works until you drag a corner then all rules are gone...

    What am I missing?


  14. P. S. For what it is worth, I managed to "Fake Out" the printer by rotating the image and expanding the canvas thus feeding a 4" x 6" piece of paper end-wise so that the printer "thought" it was printing the image on the upper-left of a letter-size sheet.

    While this is a viable "workaround," it is disappointing that so much creative control in software ends up having to be run through a Rube Goldberg output schema.

    Other ideas?

    Thanks again.

  15. With MacOS High Sierra, the print dialog item for "Manage custom sizes..." when selecting paper size for printing (and defining a new size) is dimmed so I am unable to "tell" the printer to print on anything but the pre-defined sizes.

    Is this an Affinity issue or has Apple once again removed functionality?

    In particular, this time, I a interested in printing "Post Cards" on 4" x 6" paper.

    If I have managed to define the paper size using a different application (erratic) the selection appears in the print dialog but that size is also dimmed and cannot be selected.

    Any help?


    Print dialog.png