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  1. Hello, I will try and use this and give feedback in a notepad form of everything I experience. My main question is: Why is the affinity designer so "plain" on its tool selections? Inkscape is open-source which means it gets more development made easier, but then why can't you explore what they did and just implement it into your engine. It should be really easy to get the ideas from the open-source program to implement such things. I could list them, but it is easy to notice it if you compare it with inkscape. One thing I love about this way more than inkscape is definitely the UI and that is about it. Selling a product can't be just about how it looks but how it performs. (And no I am not asking for a refund, because I love the way this community is built and the software has good future to look into if the developers think from 2D into 3D dimension). Thank you.
  2. Hi, While using the program I don't get high usage in anything. I only get my computer fans going crazy and memory nearly 90%+ when it gets stuck on a process.
  3. Hello, This is now the second time I experienced a the program getting stuck on doing a process and using so much memory and it never finishes, I have to end the task. I think this is a memory leak as I can't do anything with the program expect shut it down otherwise it uses so much memory. "Every developer" must have a stable build version and a test version which should be optional. (Just noticed that the image rescaled to really small size and I don't have the copy. Memory usage is over 75%-85% and stuck between that range until I have to manually shutdown before it crashes my system like the first time did.) My system specs: Thank you. EDIT: Also I lost my work because of bugs like this happening. I do save my work but not in a matter of few minutes. Inkscape works fine for hours, even with heavy tasks such as tracing images with 200+ nodes.
  4. Hi, I have GTX 1050 ti OC 4gb all up to date with geforce experience so no problems there. Huion drivers for tablet are also updated automatically through the huion launcher. I am going to install windows 10 and see if this issue keeps happening after few days, which will I update/make new post on this. Thank you :).
  5. My tablet drivers were downloaded from the CD, however they have new launcher which updates it depending on which tablet you have. So it's not related to tablet drivers. It is definitely to do with Affinity Designer software. (It's a huion drawing tablet GT-156HD v2)
  6. Hello, I have been using my tablet for the second day on Affinity Designer and I have been getting random crashes when sometimes resizing/moving objects, the application crashed only once out of 5 crashes today, but it remained just frozen with the rest of my windows and after few seconds it says my video drivers encountered an error and reset. I thought my drivers were corrupt so I fully reinstalled them, however it seems to be not the issue with drivers but the software itself, any help? Thank you. (It's a huion drawing tablet GT-156HD v2)
  7. Hello, I am trying to achieve sharp ends like in the attached example. I know you can sharpen edges or when node ends are connected, but not sure what to do to nodes end when they aren't connected. Thank you.