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  1. Braver, there would be no venting if there was (just a glimpse of) any reciprocity.
  2. Earlio, your patient reactions were one of the reasons I kept hanging on, but now I decided not to spend more of my energy, time and good mood to AP. I admire your patience; mine is gone. Wish you all the best
  3. Since I bought a new iMac (febr. 2019), I'm using Affinity Photo (I didn't like the cloud-based version of Photoshop). In the meantime, I've stumbled into so many unsolved bugs, erratic behavior and (worst of all) no solutions, or even reasonable comments from Serif, that I decided to download the free test-version of Adobe Photoshop and . . . . what a relief. Everything runs like clockwork; consistent, responsive and solid. OK, it's 4 times the price, but 10 times worth it. Sorry Serif, I liked you're initiative, but it's not a matter of smart programming alone to bring a competing program to the market. Dealing with customers is an important part of the "look and feel" of a product. And on that part you've got a long way to go. I'm heading back to "Adobe's nest".
  4. Hi, MEB, Hi Earlio. Earlio, I read the whole thread you started somewhere in 2018 (I think). I did turn-off Metal in the prefs, which resulted in a better performance. Was just wondering if Serif had tackled the issue. Like you I stepped into APh as an alternative for Adobe PS (I have been using it since its first appearance around 1990). AP gives impressive performance for the price, but the overall impression still isn't very consistent and sometimes even rather buggy. There's lots of issues, for example: APh won't close a file after saving and keeps asking if I want to save; a file is closed but an empty grey window stays behind; every now and then the app crashes (not often, but still); the graph issue in Levels. There is no consistency in keystrokes to confirm actions (Enter sometimes doesn't work where expected). I'm not a heavy user, so I tend to be rather forgiving (considering the price), but I agree with you that the way these bugs are treated (and the way Serif communicates about the subjects) doesn't generate much confidence for the future of the program. MEB, I attached my specs
  5. Still having the same problem Mojave 10.14.6 and AP 4.7.2. Very annoying Is there any "working on it" going on ?
  6. Looks like, this solved the problem . . . thanks Gabriel
  7. I have the latest graphics drivers; they are included in every system-update on the Mac. Besides that . . . AP is the only app that shows this behavior.
  8. Every now and then (cannot reproduce it) the content of a window in AP gets minimized in the upper left corner. See attachment Zooming in/out shows the real content for a short moment and then it pops back into the corner. Saving , closing and reopening shows the normal version, but after a zoom action it pops back into the upper left corner. Anyone familiar with this behavior ?
  9. I downloaded the demo from the Affinity website and later on payed for a registration at Serif (Europe).
  10. I tried the beta, Gabriel, but that shows the same behavior. AP is in the root Applications folder
  11. Hello Gabriel, I sent you my screen recording . . . . any solution yet ??
  12. Here you are . . . . Photos_<>AP.mov
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