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  1. To clarify, I would like my default crop tool to use my constrained ratio preset. Is that possible?
  2. Thank you Walt.Farrell, that works pretty well :) But. For each new photo the default crop goes back to the unconstrained model. Which means unnecessary extra clicking. Ugh. I'm getting a terrible RSI here. Can anyone help me automate this?
  3. Hello Madame, thank you for your comment, by the place command do you mean I go to the new document, then file>place>[choose saved file] ? If that is the case (and it works only how i think it works) that is even more long winded and unworkable. I would need to know the title of my file (which I don't because I am dealing with hundreds of images). thanks! Bess
  4. Hello Gabe, Thank you for your response, unfortunately that doesn't work how I need it to work (unless I am doing something wrong) I set the preset as suggested but that creates a little tiny crop window (cropping out most of my image). When I drag the corners of the crop window to make it bigger it is not constraining it to 500 x 668px, the crop size is getting bigger (and easily dragged out of proportion). In my previous app I could crop any part of the picture (all, or a tiny part) to a constrained 500 x 668px How do I do that here? So far I am finding I have to first crop the image to roughly the composition I need, then I have to resize the image so that one of the axis is 500px or 668px, then, I re-crop, constraining to the 500 x 668 px. This is unbearably inefficient! If I cut out the first crop I have no idea what I should be resizing to. I have attached 2 images, the first showing the crop as it wants to do it at the constrained 500px x 668px, the second is the actual composition I want to crop to, but in the process of dragging out the crop handles I have dragged it out of proportion. thanks, Bess
  5. I do repetitive tasks where I have scans that need to be resized and cropped to a specific dimension. In my previous program (you know the one) I would set the px to 500 x 668 in the crop size boxes and so when I cropped it was already the correct size for me. So I guess it was resizing and cropping at the same time. I can't see how to do this on Affinity. I am so used to doing things this way I cannot even work out how to do it a long way round. If I crop first I crop it to the wrong aspect ratio and then when I resize to my specific dimensions I am distorting the image. Help me please! I am very new to this program, I would like to be able to use it but this is my first brick wall that could potentially destroy my resolution to free myself from 20 years of dependence to a company who don't give a flick about me!
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