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  1. Thanks, SkyHigh.  Digging through the registry is beyond what I want to do for this Beta.  I did try it again with the anti-virus deactivated, same Setup Failed.  I'll wait until they fix it, and continue on with PagePlus for now.

    Edit to Add:  I made a comment over on Affinity's Facebook Page about this issue, and they suggested a reboot and then run the program file As Administrator.  That worked, I didn't need to do anything with the registry.

  2. Publisher prompted me to do the update, and I got the SetUp Failed screen.  The old version does not appear to be installed any longer, I downloaded a fresh copy of 227, and that failed also.  I was hoping to create some ads today, but apparently I'll have to do them in PagePlus.  Any suggestions? 


    (I did try the DPI settings thing, I don't have a hi-res screen so I didn't really think that would work, and it didn't.  I also tried re-installing 206, but no luck with that, either.)