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  1. Still broken. To be honest, the fact that such a simple feature doesn't work and/or needs to be explained says a lot about the effort that has been put into a Mac version...from my point of view, there have been to many things that should normally work which I've had to look up online because they didn't.
  2. I'd love this feature as well - would be a nice way to help with converting a raster logo to an SVG one. Even if the SVG would be a subject to further adjustments, it'd still save a lot of work, especially for the simple stuff.
  3. Not sure if I fully understand - are you saying that 1.6.1 = 1.6.5 ? If so, why is there a different version number created in the first place?
  4. Why is there a difference in latest available versions of Designer in App Store and Affinity Store? The stand-alone trial that I've downloaded is 1.6.5 but the version that's been in the App Store for quite a while now is 1.6.1 What gives?
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