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  1. Thank you for all your help, @DM1 and @GabrielM
  2. Thanks, @DM1 As a newbie I am still in the process of learning the ropes of Affinity Designer. Another question about the add feature: When I add multiple forms with different colors into one, the new form turns into one color only. Is that normal? It would be nice to complete a multicolored form, turn it into one and add effects only once, and then be be able to duplicate it (with multiple colors, effects and all), e.g. when drawing a flower bed.
  3. Like this? blueman.afdesign
  4. OK. What format? btw: the add command just worked on one of the two identical (duplicated) figures in the file, but it might be a bug anyway.
  5. Using Affinity Designer version on 2018 iPad Pro 12,9 with iOS 12.1.1. When trying to join objects using the Add command, the screen blurs, the text Add appears alongside the spinning wheel - and there it stays. The app freezes in this position and must be closed manually. 20190104 Affinity Designer for iPad - ADD command bug.mov