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  1. In Photoshop I often used the technique of selecting an area (eg of burnt out sky) and then moving that selection (simply by dragging) onto a different image. The selection could be moved and then a portion of the second image could be cut and pasted back into image number one that would precisely fit the original selection. (I hope this is clear - the actual process was simple and very fast.) This doesn't seem possible in Affinity Photo - I can "Save" a selection and "Load" it to a different image but it appears it cannot be re-positioned. Is what I want possible? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks Carl, Walt and everyone. That makes it er...100% clear!
  3. Thanks everyone for the responses. In fact I mis-typed and my image does indeed look lighter as Carl123 points out. I still don't get though why the brush strokes have any transparency. Or put another way, is it not possible to have a totally solid colour when drawing (even when opacity, flow and hardness are 100%)? I get the feeling I may be missing something. This is hardly a serious issue but somehow when things don't behave as expected it is slightly disconcerting.
  4. Hi, I am a long time (25 years plus!) Photoshop user trying to migrate and am generally very happy but keep running into what I see as puzzling behaviour. For instance I created a new image and simply drew with a graphics tablet using brush set at 100% opacity. I then duplicated the layer. So two layers - opacity is 100%, blending mode is normal. Switching off the "top" layer makes the image darker. Why should this be? I attach another example I just sketched. And also when doing multilayer montage with a lot of cloning etc. sometimes for some reason a layer will suddenly not accept the clone brush tool. It seems rasterising sometimes helps but the behaviour seems fairly random and plays havoc with my workflow. Any ideas? Thanks in advance with any suggestions. 2 layers.afphoto