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  1. Hi, The latest Beta of Designer wont open any .pdfs . It goes through the standard open window and page selection with page preview and when excepting conditions nothing shows up, no document, no error - no nothing.
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    Infinity Designer and PDFs

    I can't post them here.
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    Infinity Designer and PDFs

    . . . and the fonts have issues even though I have the correct fonts loaded. There is no option to substitute
  4. tlagrassa

    Infinity Designer and PDFs

    Ok - - I get this: and nothing. Then I get this when I try to close the program: and then 7-8 minuets later the files opens- The same files open within seconds in 1.65
  5. I'm experiencing a weird flashing and distortion issue when using the Perspective Tool. When an image layer is selected and the Perspective tool is active while adjusting the Opacity in Layers, there is a shuddering distortion and flashing of the image when sliding the Opacity slider at the same time. Also occurs when using the Warp Mesh Tool I cannot capture this behavior in a screen shot.