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  1. Hi everyone Is there a way to memorize a setting ? For instance a style of brush and its size ?
  2. Hi everyone Is there a way to set a brush so that the line will be larger in the middle and thiner (sharper) at the ends ? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone When I want to select a line drawn in vector mode with the second arrow without a tail that displays a selection rectangle around it and not the nods as it should be. Impossible ! Strange ? Can someone help me ? I have delected the right layer… I wonder if this is not an issue with merging and grouping
  4. Is there a way to depixelate or unmerge ?
  5. Thanks Meb I think I understood the problem. When one merges layers the new layer become pixelated so one can no longer select the anchor points as you say. Is that right ? Is there a way to depixelate or unmerge ?
  6. That was surely a kind of bug because now the drawing disapears when I deselect the layer But my problem remains : it is always impossible to select my drawing with the nods tool. A square of selection appears unstead of the nods…
  7. Ok I dit that. But that does not change anything. There is a strange fact wich can explain the issue : when I deselected all the layers I still see my drawing on the page !
  8. Thanks Alfred Can you tell me how to do it ? >What does mean "marquee-select" ?
  9. In that recording I forgot to select the layer so on can see that I can’t select the shape with the second arrow to do a rectangle Here is the right recording : you can see that I can’t select the line with the nods but only with a rectangle...The result is the same with the first or the second arrow… C1A895C4-BFEA-440A-8466-026DC236B33A.MP4
  10. D3A9194C-8C81-400C-8BF4-1E6FA6E09872.MP4
  11. Thanks Can you tell me how I can join this screen record on the thread ? ok You can see the screen recording on the next post.
  12. Hi everyone I have drawn a line with the pen and I want to add an anchor point where it is not possible to to it. (I can do it on a part of the line of the shape but not between to points) So, with the arrow with tail I select the line I go to the op menu 3 points> "turn into curve" I go to the arrow without tail > I select the new curve> I click twice on the curve to add point : no way ! Can someone help me ?
  13. Thanks I already did that. It does not work. I closed the shape with the pen tool and now it works !
  14. Euclide

    Memorize a brush setting ?

    Thanks a lot Gabriel I read this doc but I have an issue… This is what I did : 1- I opened the small square menu with horizontal lines at the top on the right > I selected "add a category" 2- I opened the small square menu again with horizontal lines at the top> I selected "Rename" 3- I opened the small square menu again with horizontal lines at the top> I selected "new plain brush" 4- I went to edition> I set size, curve etc… I call this new pencil : "try" But when I open a new page and I select this new brush "Try" and draw a line : it is not the line "try" but the very fine thread with nods that appears when one trace with the pencil the first time… It seems that this new brush has not been saved…
  15. Thank you DM1 >Is it possible also with the pixel brush ?
  16. Hi everybody Is there a way to make a "round" trace with Affinity Designer ? I mean that when one draw a line this one, more than to be faithful bows a bit, erasing the angles and rounds them. This process exists on some applications as Protosketch and is called "fidelity". (I hope my English is clear enough…)
  17. Thanks Is it possible with the pixels brush ?
  18. Hi GabrielM I am using Affinity Designer with an Apple Pencil 2.
  19. Thanks Summersara In the vector brush velocity controler settings how do you manage the curve to get a smooth line ?
  20. Good evening everyone I am in pixel mode with the pixel brush, I drew 3 subjects and I would like to select only one. With the arrow n ° 1 I can only select the 3,of them, not one. How to do it ? Thank you
  21. Thanks a lot DM1 Very clear tutorial !
  22. Good evening everyone I cut out a drawing on a white background with a selection with the lasso then I reversed the sélection. The background is white and I would like to change the white with a color. I selected the paint pot and selected a color but that does not work...Nothing happens ! The background stays white… Someone to help me ?
  23. I tried to copy the selection as you indicate on a new pixel layer but I can’t make it work. What did I miss ? Thank you
  24. Hello everyone I need some help. When I want to make a redo with 3 fingers it does not work. I have an Ipad Pro 2018 12.9 and I am on IOS 12.1.3
  25. Hello I found the thing, One must turn off the zoom in the Ipad settings. There is a kind of conflict. Thanks