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  1. I had the same issue, trying to update removes the older version. You have to restart your computer then install the updated one. worked for me. Now to get a pdf...
  2. ok, when you download the update, it erases the older program. so download the new version, restart your computer to rid it of all the stuff from the old version and install the new update. worked perfectly. my original post I was pretty mad then thought to restart. duh. So, now to deal with the program just shutting down when trying to save as a pdf. It just quits. no error message. Just saving....then dead. Now if I could only get the work around on how to save as a pdf to work. I've heard to change your default printer to pdf. I've had to do this before in psd. lets hope this works. I'm very disappointed I can't save as an indd file to send to a printer if I have to. could be a no go for me. hate to pay adobe but can't buy this one and pay adobe esp if this one doesn't work the way I need it to. I've read you can open a pdf of an indd file. let's hope that works. this should be the fix to installing the new update. worked fine once I restarted my computer. anyone else have a program with the program just stopping period for no apparent reason. It just ends. frustrating but doing all I can to not have to commit to adobe for a year in order to get a better price.

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