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  1. Hi guys, I am trying to change the size of my document. Originally, it was 30x30 cm, now I need 21x21 cm. My original document has about 50 master pages with multiple photo frames specifically placed and I need to rescale the master pages to fit my new, smaller size (no change in the size of margins or bleed). However, I have not found such option. Whenever I change the dimensions in Spread Setup, the master pages stay the same., i.e. bigger than my new document pages and stay so when applied to pages. Is there any way to adjust/rescale the size of the master pages together with the change of the page size?
  2. Well, the closest I could get is image No 3. When I changed the dimension and applied to all spreads of master pages and set the scaling to Rescale. I will still have to adjust manually all my master pages to fit the new dimension+old margins and bleed and snapping. That is what I was trying to avoid. Maybe I am asking too much :-).
  3. Perfect, thank you sooo much! Have a great day!
  4. Hi, after we have installed the newest version of Affinity Publisher, some vertical images that I want to place in picture frames, are rotated. In the included images you can see, that I have prepared 6 same vertical picture frames and I inserted 6 vertical images. However, only 3 are inserted correctly, the other 3 are rotated. Is it a bug or have I done something wrong in the settings? All horizontal images are placed correctly. Please help.Thank you.
  5. As you can see, when pasting vertical images, they are all rotated 90 degrees to the left even before they are inserted in the picture frames (all are rotated to the left, none to the right). I have checked many files taken by different cameras/mobiles, even images from a friend of mine, and the result is the same.
  6. Hi Gabe, I have just edited my post. It turns out it is very unpredictable - some vertical images are place correctly, while the majority is not. I have no clue. I was preparing an album last week and everything was working fine. However, it looks like after we have installed the newest version, things started to work badly. I have included the images from the above example. Thanks for your attention. Test_Affinity_Publisher.zip