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  1. Hi everyone, I´ve finished up a drawing and while trying to export it, the app suddenly shuts down. I´ve tried to save it, but the same thing happens and I have to open the app again. Basically I can´t access the piece. I thing the archive might be too heavy. What can I do? Thank you!
  2. Soledad

    Can´t save or export

    Thank you so much!!
  3. Soledad

    Can´t save or export

    Hi MEB, Thanks again! That´s the way I´ve been trying to save the file but the app keeps crashing and shutting down everytime I try.
  4. Soledad

    Can´t save or export

    Hi MEB, Thank you for the welcome and for your answear. I´ve already done that. I have trouble with only one file, the rest of the files I´ve created can be saved and exported perfectly. I think the reason why the app keeps shutting out is the weight of the archive itself. Every time I try to access this particular drawing, the app closes. It doesn´t even let me save it without even opening it. Is there any other way I can save it? Thank you!

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