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  1. John, My mistake yes I meant Fireworks. I have worked out the issue for the most part. This all has to do with when you create a new file I believe. Being inexperienced I selected one of the presets. When I choose custom and create the image at the desired size and export it the results are fairly acceptable. The file is still larger but may be manageable. PNG files result in a larger file. I will attach just a couple of samples I used for testing. One is from Fireworks exported as .jpg and the other from Affinity Designer. As you can see in the Fireworks example we typically import a couple of small images as well that I have not inclued in the Affinity Designer example. Thank you for your help. test.afdesign
  2. Thank you for your response. Yes, I am exporting a .jpg and yes I did try changing the quality slider. We generally export from Firefox from 60-80% of the original and when I tried this through Affinity Designer even going much lower than 60% the size is much larger. I am assuming it is something I did but need to verify this works before we decide to purchase the product.
  3. We have used Adobe Fireworks for years for making graphics for our website and social media pages. We have been evaluating software to replace Fireworks and Affinity Designer is a strong candidate because it seems intuitive to use and does the simple things we need to do. We have however run into some snags and the biggest one is exporting images. We commonly export our graphics to web compatible formats and as an example, we are used to seeing a size of 64K or less for a 500x500px image from Fireworks. Something we would use on the web or social media. The size I am seeing on from Affinity Designer is around 1 meg. Now, I admit I have not been through all the tutorials yet but this is a big deal for us. Our website is large and we try hard to keep images as small as possible. Please, someone, tell me I am not going about this the right way or there is a better way! Help appreciated.