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  1. Thanks for both your helpful replies. In reply to MikeW: yes I am exporting as PDF's. Problem with making adjustments to the printer is that it is the clients in-house printer and I'm not privy to the settings available. (And being a County Council printer they may have have locked down some settings!) But I can pass on your suggestion to my client. I'm not sure how to select the logos and rasterise them myself - can you give more advice about that? In reply to Lagarto: Thanks for the suggestion to export as "PDF/X1-a" ....I will try this! Sound like a nice simple solution to my problem. Thanks again, Chris
  2. Hello, I am teaching myself Publisher and have prepared and A3 poster for a local client. On my screen - and on my home HP printer - all looks fine....BUT when my client prints out the poster (on her company in-house printer) she got a slightly different shade of colour around the logos. I have attached a photo to show you was I mean. The logos are a mix of JPG, EPS or afphoto files - and I have made the backgrounds transparent. I have also attached a screen shot of my layers in case I have done something wrong there. Can any one suggest what I might be doing wrong? Or is it a compatibility issue with her printer? I am not too familiar with the technical issues are colour management etc, so please can you take any replies written like "an idiots guide" thanks for your help, chris
  3. I have just downloaded a fresh copy of Designer - and stored them all as suggested by you in the top level of the App folder - and all seems to be working now! Thanks for the advice folks - cheers, chris
  4. All purchased- and updated - from affinity website. And yes, I have started and exited Designer a couple of times now, trying to get this to work! cheers, chris
  5. I have got all my software up to date and all version 1.7.3 - but the Studio Link isn't working consistently. When i am working in Publisher I can connect with Photos but I'm getting this message when i try to connect with Designer. Am I doing something wrong? thanks for your help, Chris
  6. Dear friends, thankful all your interesting information and suggestions...some of it is rather technical for me and goes beyond what I require for such basic design work ...BUT I have had great improvements by doing two things: * Importing and only HKS-K colour palette as suggested by Palatino. I presume this is similar to Pantone Bridge Colours that others have mentioned but what I like about that palette is that it is limited to fewer colours but there is still plenty of choice. My only problem is that it doesn't include a cool lemon yellow - (either on screen or printed out) but maybe that reflects the limitations i have with my set up? I am thinking perhaps I could use a Pantone bridge colour is the such instances? I have made up a sample sheet of this range of HKS-K colours and have tested printed on my printer - and will also send to my client and get her to do a printout so that i can check how these colours print on her machine. I have attached this in case anyone would like a copy for reference. * Also ensuring that I am using the settings offered as default for a document set up as " Print" which are RGB/8 and sRGB IEC61966-2.1 There is so much discussion out there about whether to work in RGB or CMYK for inkjet printers, but I have also tried the suggestion from Thomaso to switch the document colour space from RGB to CMYK - and that has also worked in terms of better colour matching on the print out. My switch from Adobe to Affinity has been great , (and I think Publisher is much better than Indesign in many ways!) but something about how I have managed the transition seems to have thrown up my lack of skill and confidence in this area of colour management. But I am now feeling more confident and just want to get on with the work and not have to worry about all this. So thanks folks, I have found some solutions that seem to work for me.
  7. Thanks for your advice - I am using sRGB settings, but your idea to do a soft proof is good one. I have heard about that but haven't tried it - so I will do that now and see. I wanted a much darker navy blue background, that was my main disappointment! Are there any other colour settings I can check and adjust? I have got color format on RGB/8 and Colour profile on sRGB... thanks, chris
  8. Thanks for trying to help me, but I am using a monitor plugged into my MacBook pro, so its obviously inferior and cannot be relied upon. But even the colours on my MacBook screen are not showing as grey in your image as you suggested they should. I am out of my depth with all this and just want to be able to get a reliable print out on inkjet or the clients laser printer. Here are two examples from today - one photo of the design on my screen - and one of the printout from my HP Envy printer. As you can see the blue and green are not a good match at all! I am very confused about colour management and profiles and suspect that I have set up something strange! Anyone got any simple settings that I can use? thanks, chris
  9. Hello again - this is a scene shot of what i have got on my screen. Definitely not just grey! Any suggestions? thanks chris
  10. Thanks for the advice - I understand what you mean, but this is a new problem that I didn't used to have and i think it because oil my ignorance have changed some significant settings. Is there a way to check the calibration without spending money of an expensive gadgets? thanks, chris
  11. hello again, despite using the setting your suggest I am still having trouble with my print outs looking very different to my on screen colours! I am wondering if Fixx - or anyone else - can advice me on the best printer settings in case this the might be the cause of my problems. thanks for any help, I am going mad here! thanks, chris
  12. Hello, I am not a professional but have a background in design and now that I have retired I am working on posters for local group where I volunteer. I hoping to stop using Adobe products and I am now getting to grips with Affinity Publisher which I really like. I have always been rather confused about colour management and colour space settings and in the past when using Indesign I have got myself in a muddle and been fiddling with settings that I don't understand! So I would like some advice about simple basic settings that I can set up as my defaults when I use Publisher. I design A4 and A3 posters and save them as PDF or JPEG's. I print them out to check the proofs on my own HP inkjet printer and the final artwork is printed on in-house laser printer at my local council. Could someone please advise on the default settings that I can set up and use for all my work ( and then forget about!) Also any settings the need to use to ensure the photos and other imported artwork are compatible? Thanks folks!
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