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  1. Blender has big sponsors ..
  2. Lol, Yes, is that a shame? I watch them very often, always new stuff in this industry Ok, I don't work as frontend now so maybe sketch is now industry standard but sure it wasn't in 2007 and not in 2016 when I worked for decent company - we all used PS. ps. I haven't used AP yet, only watched quite a lot viedos and I thoght it can open PS PSD with layer effects without any problems (thats what they said) is it true or is it flattened and non editable?
  3. yeah right, and all tutorials about Figma and Sketch are no older than 2018
  4. Did you do that with GIMP? using that technique from the link you pasted before? This takes like 100x more time, in PS and AP you can do it properly. Did you do webdesign and landing pages in GIMP too? How did you work with Text? It's another joke in GIMP, just try to scale it once and it becomes raster, the whole text tool is horrible.
  5. anyone who did upgrade when he could for free, and then retreated, he will be able to upgrade forever, just like me, but no thanks. And you can buy legal w10 license for about 3$ in my country https://allegro.pl/oferta/windows-10-pro-professional-32-64bit-klucz-7757444248 so I assume anyone can. Pixar and similar companies work on Linux... Linux has what it takes to do 3D gfx now except AE - but this goes only for VFX artists which I don't want to be (I used to be). If u just want to make 3d models for games or arch viz you are fine with Blender + SP, but PS or AP would be nice too. Apple - joke. I had this plugin and it sucks. The thing is - you need to open PSD docs from ppl working on PS, don't expect love when you tell them that your GIMP can;'t do it. AP does it perfectly. Don't make me laugh. Ever tried to cut slices for website? good one, thanks. Still there is more, can you select couple of layers with shift? nope. Can you add adjustment layers just for one layer? nope. AP can do that all. Windows 10 has been since 2015 on the market and now we have 2019 and still about 40% ppl use Win7. https://tinyurl.com/y8quz3ko Linux market share has grown 0,9% last month - maight be statistic error but who knows. The point is: we need AP on linux. GIMP is not enough. Linux is growing, ppl will aboandon Windows after 7 dies. PS. Sorry if someone really sick got offended when I called Adobe a cancer - I really hate this company, do you remember when they bought Macromedia? Flash price raised 3x the very next day. And when Adobe CEO cried that most ppl use pirated version of PS he claimed that Adobe products are so expensive because they work so hard to make them. Yeah, they had to put Adobe logo to Macromedia Flash - so hard. Check out any forum regarding Allegoritmic takeover - 99% of hate and crying. nobody is happy about it. Serif - come to Linux - we need you
  6. Hi, think again, There are millions of people using Windows 7, they can switch to Windows 10 anytime for FREE, but they don't want to. Where will they go when Win7 is dead? I beliieve the only possible direction is Linux, since Apple is just another M$ - even worse. I was hoping to use Substance Painter under Linux but the cancer (adobe) has just devoured it 5 days ago. As you can see there is no industrial quality software for Linux now. GIMP is not an option. @SrPx GIMP is not good enough, no layer effects, no brush stroke along path, no slices, editing channels doesn't work properly, etc, etc... there is more, and I did give it a try for quite some time. For me the only true PS replacement is Affinity Photo. Vector software is not my business, if I wanted it I would probably go for Corel Draw or try Affinity D.
  7. I'm a 3d artist, just switched to Blender after long years using 3dsMax, I'd love to see Affinity Photo on Linux now because I want to ditch Windows for Linux and then obviously stop using Adobe products. Is there a chance they will make Linux version? What's the official statement?