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  1. How can I check if all my content is placed into the document in the same color space? I use windows ten and the newest beta version ending in .277
  2. There should be no white frame around the 2nd page for example.
  3. When exporting, a line is missing and an extra bleed is added which should not be there.... 2019_01.31_2._Versuch.pdf
  4. Ctrl worked, Thank you a thousand times, I'm currently exporting
  5. I found the 17 color profiles, and attached both folders you mentioned. I started the document with an RGB colour profile and switched to CMYK. Is it possible that this caused the problem? wsRGB.zip USSheetfedCoated.zip
  6. Thanks a lot, I'll try that as soon as I'm home. How do I back up my text styles?
  7. The file I really need to export as an PDF/X-3:2002 is the one I attached now. Just in case you are able to do it, I would need all pages and the margin as included in the document. I feel lots of gratitude for your help. Yours faithfully Mara 2019_01.31.afpub
  8. I'm really sorry that it took me this long to answer, I hope that you can fix the bugs very soon. Thanks a lot, I love the work you already did with Affinity publisher SystemInformation.zip 2019_01.28.afpub
  9. Since I downloades the latest version of Publisher (version, every time I try to export my work, the programm closes and does not export. When I reopen the programm, everything is as usual, but if I click export, the programm crashes again. I work with a Windows 10 surface pro.
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