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  1. I don't know if the reason for my frequently crashing publisher is the german language, but my program also has location issues, when I add additional pictures to a folder I already have linked pictures from in my document, there are a ton of notificatio that the location of some linked files has changed. That is not true
  2. after moving my third page to fourth position, it also crashes
  3. its the beta .238 And it`s also crashing often, shortly after opening, I'd say every second time. Pantone.zip
  4. Hello, I don'nt lnow how this happend, but the picture frames in my document sometimes move to the facing page and even if I lock the frame, they do so. I just tried moving them back and after a few minutes I double checked and they have moved again. I use the new beta .283 on windows 10
  5. Thanks a lot, that seems to save my problems
  6. How can I check if all my content is placed into the document in the same color space? I use windows ten and the newest beta version ending in .277
  7. There should be no white frame around the 2nd page for example.
  8. When exporting, a line is missing and an extra bleed is added which should not be there.... 2019_01.31_2._Versuch.pdf
  9. Ctrl worked, Thank you a thousand times, I'm currently exporting
  10. I found the 17 color profiles, and attached both folders you mentioned. I started the document with an RGB colour profile and switched to CMYK. Is it possible that this caused the problem? wsRGB.zip USSheetfedCoated.zip
  11. That's strange, should I try to upload it again?
  12. Thanks a lot, I'll try that as soon as I'm home. How do I back up my text styles?
  13. The file I really need to export as an PDF/X-3:2002 is the one I attached now. Just in case you are able to do it, I would need all pages and the margin as included in the document. I feel lots of gratitude for your help. Yours faithfully Mara 2019_01.31.afpub
  14. I'm really sorry that it took me this long to answer, I hope that you can fix the bugs very soon. Thanks a lot, I love the work you already did with Affinity publisher SystemInformation.zip 2019_01.28.afpub
  15. Hi, I'm using a the publisher beta .277 on windows ten. It changed my colors aithout me doing anything. I had a color saved is swatches, created by the color picker tool. Now those two colors are poles apart. I attached a screenshot of what where once the same colors.