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  1. In procreate (procreate calls it project canvas)and some of the other programs when you work with a 2 monitor setup you can project a screen that shows the entire canvas you are working on without the ui showing. Almost like being able to dock full screen the navigator on it so you can see the entire illustration or design you are working on regardless of how zoomed you are in on the ipad, or cintiq, or what have you. I think this might be a nice bell and whistle, especially for those of us that draw live in front of a crowd, or when you want to wow your audience. Or in a studio work flow it would allow you to continue working and glance at the second monitor to see how what are you are doing effects the rest of the image at a glance without having to zoom window in and out.
  2. I'm attempting to do a 2 monitor setup on my ipad pro. The screen mirroring works, but what I would like to be able to do is something similar to what procreate allows for in their screen projection setting. so I can see the entire canvas on the external monitor without the ui while zoomed in and working an area on the ipad. Is this doable or is there a setting I'm not finding somewhere to allow for this?
  3. and put them all together. It wasn't intentional and is a result of a what if.
  4. Here is my first foray into Affinity Designer. I must say I was impressed with the capabilities of the raster side of the program.
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