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  1. Yes, of course, but divisions are unusual for me. I give you below two examples. First is from LibreOffice. Divisions are 13 - 14 - 15 (cm), then 135 and 145 are emphasized, and finally each millimeter is ticked. From Affinity, you get, for approximately the same zoom level, 120 and 140 mm marked, then 124, 128, 132 and 136 mm emphasized. Smallest tick spacing is 0.5 mm. It is even not possible to see a tick for 130 mm. We should have a mark for 130 mm, and then enphasisement for 125 and 135 mm, and finally each millimeter ticked. Of course this is desirable for metric scales. I am not familiar with inches scales.
  2. When I see rulers, it looks strange for my continental eye. Divisions are unusual. By example I can see 20 mm divided by 5, giving 4 mm steps. Normally we would have 10 mm divided by 2 (5 mm step), or by 5 (2mm step) or by 10 (1 mm step). Can you change this ?
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