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  1. mbstadler

    AD - imported pdf kerning issue

    Hi Sean That's great, thanks for your quick response and for the info about the 'Minus Sign'.
  2. mbstadler

    AD - imported pdf kerning issue

    First of all thanks for the wonderful work you have done on Designer - it has changed the way I prepare scientific illustrations. Has there been any news on the issue above? I have the same problem. Just to repeat: pdf files exported from R (r-project.org) containing text with "minus sign characters" are incorrectly imported in Affinity Designer (the minus sign overlaps with the subsequent character (as illustrated in the first post by @tfunnell). Opening the same pdf file in macOS preview, Adobe Reader or Adobe Illustrator (CC 2018) displays minus signs correctly. It is unclear to me what kind of character the minus sign is (in all programs, it seems to be a bit wider than the hyphen, but shorter than the En dash and clearly shorter than the Em dash). The issue could be related to character tracking: in AD the "minus sign" has a character tracking of -250%. If it is manually corrected to 0%, it does not overlap with the subsequent character anymore. If I select correctly displayed text containing a minus sign in Preview, copy it and paste it into AD, it again displays wrongly with a character tracking of -250%. For reference I am attaching a pdf containing minus signs (axis labels and axis titles). Thanks you for your help. test.pdf