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  1. Understood, unfortunately I need these to be rasterized, which means I loose a ton of Affinity's selling points if I have to export these elsewhere. Even if it was setting buried in an XML somewhere, I could deal. Even a disable for the entire document would be workable. I think ideally this would be done per gradient, but I'd be happy with any of these, or similar. Thanks for looking into this!
  2. I've seen something similar posted before without solution or mention that this will remain this way or if this is something that will get a solution: I have the option to disable dithering enabled, though this appears to only impact the viewport, which looks as I'd expect, and not the file exports. Is there any way to disable this when writing to a file? My current workaround here is to script out the transitions in Illustrator as rects per color value, then copy/paste them back into Designer, but the more I have to do this in a drawing the more it pushes me back to an application I'd like to be off of. I think dithering as the default makes a lot of sense, I just wish there was a way to disable this. Is there something I'm missing? This currently puts a major kink in our overall workflow as the dithering negatively affects the final result. I understand from an aesthetic perspective the dithered edges may be more ideal, but the ideal in our case is the banding. Thanks!
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