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  1. I'm an absolute beginner when it comes to Designer and Publisher. Testing and discovering it now. You might call it playing and I think it's working fine. Doing of course a lot of unnecessary and stupid things, being surprised about the " results" but so far on my yellow iMac with 16gb no problems. Just my experience so I was surprised to read your reaction. So the good will get better . . .
  2. Solly and Print Monkey, thanks for your kind answers. I like Affinity Photo very much so I will definitely buy that from the Affinity Store. And although I am not completely sure if buying all three is the best choice for me, for the price they offer it now, why not. Maybe I buy an iPad in the future, that makes the complete bundel very tempting. BTW Solly, what does JFSJ and N3MKH mean? Jos
  3. I use Apple Photos as a DAM. So it's my startpoint. Go from there to Affinity and back. Back in Photos I sometimes do some little changes, so all in all I'm happy with the combination Apple Photos and Affinity. For me, but I like to keep everything simple, it's fine.
  4. So it will be the Affinity store, seems the best choice. Now I only need to decide if it is the complete bundel or just Affinity Photo. I've never used the other two, but there is some curiosity and I might like to use these programs. No professional use, just for fun.
  5. I've seen so many complains about the downloading and buying from the MAC store that I've chosen for the Affinity store.
  6. What is the difference in buying from Affinity and Apple Store. V1 I bought in the Apple Store, but I don't mind switching.
  7. Thanks, they are really nice!
  8. Thanks a lot, much appreciated!
  9. Could be nice for the upcoming days (Christmas) so I will give it a try. Thanks in advance!
  10. I downloaded them, put them in Affinity Photo, but can't find them. Don't know what I'm doing wrong . .. ...
  11. I've just tried it. Took some time but thanks to the writing you did I now know how to use it. (Not a native English speaker so . . .) It really works nice so I think you deserve a big THANK YOU! Jos
  12. Thanks! just what I was looking for!
  13. It it would work on this tiny iPad, that would be great!
  14. Although I've no problem with the Nik software working from (Mac) Affinity many people have. So please try to make it work. I hope you'l find the solution alone and/or together with DxO,
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