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  1. +1 I'm working in cartography and I used to work with Freehand and Illustrator. Both had this function. An absolute must!
  2. Hi there, having turned my back on Adobe, I'm using Affinity Designer a lot in cartography and it's really an excellent piece of software. The only thing I'm definitively missing (and that very badly) is an easy way to add vector fills (lines, dots…) to polygons. Bitmaps (cf. assets) are no solution nor a workaround. The only workaround that I have found so far, is to create a fill that covers the complete layout page and crop it to the shapes. That's how I created the fills for the three polygons in the attached map. But that is rather clumsy. What I'd be looking for is the pos
  3. Dear Affinity folks, do add vector fills (or the possibility to create one's own) soon, PLEASE. It's such a must-have for everyone working in cartography. Affinity Designer is such a great piece of software that I enjoy so much using but it still lacks this *important* feature... Hatching bitmaps definitely are NO solution nor a sensible workaround. Nor are the workarounds suggested above, I'm afraid.
  4. Hi reglico and gdenby, thanks so much for your help. I think I understood what you mean and successfully reproduced your proposed workflow. Maybe there is still a gap in my understanding of the process, but: Do I have to know in advance the size of the area I want to fill? If I create a group of lines for my hatching that fill a square of e.g. 3x3cm and turn that into an asset following your description above and I then drag and drop the asset on a (e.g.) circle of 10 cm diameter the asset will fill a 3x3cm square. Yes, of course, I can resize my hatching fill and then clip it to the shap
  5. Hello everyone, now is there or is there not a vector hatch fill as mentioned initially by S E Scott? I'm also working in cartography and badly need this function. Having recently turned my back on Illustrator, I'm now looking for this feature in Affinity Designer, which apart from that really does its job amazingly well. But I do need vector fills... Anything having to do with bitmap does definitely not work for me. @reglico: How do you save vectors as assets? I am only able to do so with bitmaps (png, jpg, gif). Any help appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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