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  1. Thanks All, i found also this link, which is more or less the approach you suggested https://photographersbreakthrough.com/get-mad-skills/hdr-and-focus-stacking I have also PhotoPills but didn't use it yet! I visit this point below very often so I will try to do more using the same point. This phot below is just my first try, 10 shots , same exposure but 10 different focus points without focal point calculation (just put f8) with 37mm APS-C. colour effect is using Nik on affinity ( i really love it) and focus merge on affinity is soooo simple
  2. Hi I am new in photography and using Affinity as well. I experiment with my camera and multiple focus points and multiple exposure . I am wandering using Affinity, what is the best way to create a very clear landscape photo with great DoF and to be HDR. The steps I have in my minds is: 5 different exposures for each exposure 9 different focal points then on Affinity I am thinking to merge the focal points first (grouped by exposure) , so I will get five new photos where each one now includes all focal points but has different exposure then I will do the HDR merge is this a right approach ? and how I control/decide the correct DoF (lets say is a landscape or night skyscrapers wig water in front or stars) many thanks
  3. MRphotography

    Affinity Photo with new ipad pro 2018 11"

    Hi Any update ? did you fix all the above? i am ready to buy my new iPad pro 11 only to use affinity but i don't know if i will get more benefits compare to the previous version . is also the current affinity version full screen? thanks

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