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  1. It does seem inexplicable. This feature was in Corel Draw in 1998 — 22 years ago. I used to to create logos back then. Count me as one who would like to leave Adobe behind completely too, but can't. In Publisher, did they add Span columns yet? It was one of the key missing features that kept me on InDesign. However, as long as we keep buying the products whether they have these key features or not, what incentive does Affinity have to include them? Part of it might be a desire to have feature for which users will upgrade to 2.0 — which is a foolish way to try to build loyalty — and part of it may be simply a lack of real-world, everyday experience by programmers. They simply don't realize that text warping and spanning columns are vital features because they don't use the programs daily. (And, I have seen so many fanbois arguing as to why you shouldn't need these features... Where do they find these people?)
  2. Yep. I think the main problem is that the programmers are not end users. They give us what they think we need, not what we really need. Or, they burn the midnight oil to copy some arcane Adobe feature that almost no one uses in real life. Then, they don't listen to their users when we users tell them what we need/want. So, in a way, Adobe is still setting the standard. Look at Publisher, all ready to be an InDesign killer and what do they do? They leave out a fundamental, everyday feature like span columns. People immediately pointed it out, then complained. Nothing has been done. So, now Publisher sits, languishing and unused, in my dock while I still do my regular, money-making work with InDesign. Sad. Apple was doing the same thing with its MacBook Pros, designing for engineers rather than end-users. They finally started taking end-user comments/suggestions/complaints seriously and the result was the brilliant and praised 16" MacBook Pro. Let's hope Affinity follows Apple's example.
  3. Hey everyone. I create and edit multiple ads for print each month. When I am away from my computer, I would like to be able to work on the ads on Designer for iPad. However, I have many more fonts on my desktop than the iPad and always seem to run into issues with missing fonts. This prevents me from using the iPad like I would like to. Is there a solution to this that I have missed? Thanks!
  4. It's clearly not a priority feature for the team to add. People have been asking for it and pointing out its necessity for basic magazine and newspaper work for a long time now. Several people have pointed out that it's the one lacking feature that keeps them from moving from InDesign. Still no change. Like me, if you need this feature — as many do — you will have to stick to InDesign. Sad.
  5. It's funny, the importance of key features like Span Columns that are vital to everyday users, seem to be obtuse to programmers. Then, when users point out the need for these key features, programmers seem to get their back up and refuse to put them in on some kind of "principle." The late, lamented, Corel Ventura Publisher had the span columns feature back in the 1990s. SMH Because of this lack of one basic feature, I am still using Adobe InDesign. I also don't use Adobe Illustrator because of 2 simple feature quirks: 1) You can't align strokes on text to the outside, meaning that you always have to have strokes impeding in on the text. That is insane. I use this technique quite a bit for super-imposing text on noisy backgrounds. Yes, there are kludgy workarounds, but users shouldn't have to figure something like this out. Yet, AI programmers refuse to implement this basic feature. Nothing but sheer stubbornness can explain it after all these years. 2) And this second one is the worst of the two: When selecting objects in AI, EVERYTHING your cursor touches is selected, including the background. That's insane. When you do many projects, as I do, you reuse elements rather than recreating them each time. You want to quickly select just a particular group of elements without selecting everything else, With Illustrator this is impossible. AI users have complained bitterly about this for DECADES, yet, there is still no option just to select those things INSIDE a selection box. Again, nothing but sheer stubbornness or hubris on the part of programmers can explain it after all these years. It is the single biggest reason I use Affinity Designer, rather than AI. That said, I hope that Affinity programmers don't fall into the same, "we know better" arrogance as the Adobe programmers. No "span columns" is one of those worrisome things.
  6. Corel Draw (Now for Mac as well as Windows) has had this feature since the 1990s. It would also be great to see dimensioning tools in AD (like 1" equals 1'). They are great for laying out rooms or landscaping.
  7. Has Span Columns been added yet? It is a BASIC feature without which AP is not useable.
  8. I print to a web press (Goss) and use Affinity Designer to compose elements that are exported to PDF/4 and then imported to Adobe InDesign (Affinity Publisher needs a span columns option to even begin to work for me). However, the cover colors are always significantly off screen to print. Designer seems to display the RGB values even when the document is set up as CMYK? Want to see the simulated CMYK gamut instead of the RGB on screen. Then I can calibrate the screen from there. Is there a setting I'm missing?
  9. How to change the units from pixels to inches when using the crop tool?
  10. Yes, I truly want to switch from ID to APub, but can't as long as there is no Span Columns. I do newspaper/magazine layout and it is a must have for that kind of work. I did buy it though, in hopes that Affinity will add this feature soon.
  11. C'mon man, seriously? You think those of us bringing this up haven't thought of and/or tried the "second frame" and "pinning" routine? It's a kludge and not workable for deadline driven, magazine and newspaper work. When you have to meet daily/weekly/monthly deadlines for multi-age layouts, this is not a "convenient shortcut." Maybe these kludges work for one-off flyer and brochure work where you can tweak and nudge all day and tell the client to wait. That's a different world, man. APub will probably sell well because people like me, who won't use it because of this flaw, but just want to have it in our tool bag while we wait for this flaw to be fixed will buy it anyway. As has been said before, the venerable Ventura Publisher (may it RIP) had this essential feature in the mid-90s. It's omission from APub is a crippling flaw for multi-page production work on deadlines.
  12. THANK YOU. Span columns is, as captain_slocum has said, a "deal breaker." I do all my ad and element design in AD and it would be great to edit them natively after placing them in in an AP layout, rather than PDFing after every change. This morning I was trying to figure out a way to work around not having span columns, but no joy. I suppose you can make anything work if you have to, but with a working alternative in ID, it's just too much hassle and too time-consuming to try a work around. I hope they add the feature soon.
  13. Well, I tried Corel Draw for the Mac and it definitely is NOT ready for prime time -- slow -- buggy -- ugly. Crashed. I have never been able to grok Illustrator, must be a mental block or something. So staying with AD despite not having text warping and bulleting, numbering at this time. AD is fast, slick and the features it does have work well. Hope those other features arrive soon.
  14. I used to use CorelDRAW for everything, but switched to Mac in 2012. DRAW had several key features that AD does not have: text warp, text wrap, numbered paragraphs, bulleted paragraphs, etc. Apparently AD does not even intend to have these features in the future. Wants people to buy Publisher so they deliberately cripple AD. Doesn't seem wise. I would buy Publisher anyway for layout work (though not until they have the feature to span columns in paragraph styles), but using Publisher to design most ads is like using a wrench to pound nails. You can do it, but its awkward, frustrating, and time-consuming. I design many ads and elements each month for a publication and these features are very useful. I know that everybody wants "their" features, but these seem pretty basic. I have been working around them in AD, but now that CorelDRAW has come to Mac, I may move back. People here make a big deal about not liking the subscription model (I'm not a fan either, but I have one), but the cost is not a super big issue for most designers, productivity is. Hope Affinity gets a clue before they start to lose momentum.
  15. I understand their limited time. However, if they think this is a minor feature, they likely haven’t done much layout work. The suggested work-arounds are a kludge at best. This is a feature that regular layout artists need every day. Simple as that. Until the span column feature is included, APub will be a novelty, not a workhorse for many people, IMHO.
  16. Thanks for the suggestion and example Walt. It is a technique that seems to work in your example, but why have to create TWO text boxes and format them as well as the text itself? I don't see this as a regular substitute for the simple "Span Columns." Why don't the programers simply include it? Maybe there's a reason, but as a designer, it escapes me.
  17. Sorry, no. The Span Columns feature is very simple: Just add the optional paragraph attribute "Span Columns" and a variable of how many columns you want a particular paragraph, such as a title or heading, to span. That's it. When this feature is invoked, the paragraph with this attribute will go across the number of column specified, but only that paragraph. It will have all the formatting assigned to it, but just span across columns. It is vital for making headlines where you need the title or headline to span the entire text box while the rest of the text flows into the columns in the text box. It is very handy and essential when resizing text boxes. If the headline is in a separate text box. you have to resize and reformat TWO text boxes and make sure they are correctly aligned every time you change something. What a pain! This "Span columns" is really elementary stuff. As I have said before, Quark, ID, and even the old Ventura Publisher have had this basic, essential feature since the 1990s. I am not criticizing, just observing and making the point that for me as a newspaper, magazine publisher for more than a quarter century, it is an essential feature. I would LOVE to switch to AP, but really can't as long as this feature is missing. I am probably not the only one.
  18. With every beta, I hope for this feature. Still not there. With newspaper/magazine publication, this is a MUST.
  19. Stunning that this is left out. Corel Draw had this since the 90s.
  20. We are launching a new newsmagazine-style pub in March and having a big debate on using inDesign or AP. We would like to standardize on Affinity. However, this is a “must have” feature for our type of publication. Even the old Ventura Publisher, circa 2000, had this feature. Surprised it’s missing so far.
  21. FWIW: I designed a staff box in InDesign and then decided to move the publication to APub. I didn't want to rekey all the text, so I just did a select all and copy in Indesign. Then, I went to the box in APub just to paste in the text. To my surprise, the text came in all formatted and the paragraph styles imported, too. Nice surprise. Maybe this is part of the planned ID import feature that Affinity just isn't publicizing yet. Anyway, made my work easier today. FWIW.
  22. I also spent quite a bit of time searching for how to create a column and gutter grid. I ended up just creating a master page with the guides I needed. that will have to work for now.
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