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  1. jilkyking

    Chongqing Series

    这....佩服! 几乎看不出来是画的。 写实风格,我觉得列车衔接处的透视,可以再加工下。拙见
  2. 实际上应该使用 “Transparency tool”,视频中我用错了工具。我的做法:用一个底色,然后覆盖一层相同大小的黑色,用透明工具调整黑色,然后把黑色透明度调整到合适的,叠加模式换成”正片叠底“,并将黑色置入底色层。 In fact, you should use the "Transparency tool", I used the wrong tool in the video. My approach: use a background color, then cover a layer of black of the same size, adjust the black with a transparent tool, then adjust the black transparency to the appropriate, the overlay mode is replaced by the "multiply" and the black is placed in the background. Floor. Sorry, I don't know English. These contents are google translated. There may be a mistake in the translation.
  3. The source file is in the attachment。 Drawing process: 001.afdesign
  4. 周末在家无聊,到网上找了一张图片,然后模仿着画了一只。
  5. jilkyking

    New guy

  6. jilkyking

    Icon drawing process。(ipad)

    嘿~ VectorVonDoom,非常感谢你观看我的视频,我也很认同你的观点。我目前的工作内容,AD基本能满足我的需求,我的工作内容更多是平面设计,对于像素的要求不会太高。 感谢你的建议,如果以后我能做UI设计,希望能。 Hi~ VectorVonDoom, thank you very much for watching my video, and I agree with you. My current work content, AD can basically meet my needs, my work content is more graphic design, the pixel requirements are not too high. Thank you for your suggestion. If I can do UI design in the future, I hope I can ask you.
  7. jilkyking

    Icon drawing process。(ipad)

    Thank you, I hope you like it.
  8. jilkyking

    girl wearing boots

    比例好像有点奇怪,头部看上去太大了。 The scale seems a bit strange and the head looks too big. The scale seems a bit strange and the head looks too big.
  9. 谢谢! Thanks!
  10. This is some of the files in my work, all made in Affinity Designer. The current affinity designer is already the main tool in my work, it is really very easy to use. I also have a youtube channel, share some of the process I used to do some design with the affinity designer (ipad), I hope that friends who use youtube can subscribe. 这是我工作中的一些文件,全部都是在Affinity Designer 里制作。目前affinity designer已经是我工作中的主要工具,它真的非常好用。 我还有一个youtube频道,分享一些我用affinity designer(ipad)做一些设计的过程,希望有使用youtube的朋友能订阅。 youtube:hi~~
  11. 在我的ipad上(ios 13),1.7.1和1.7.2 bete都不能录入中文。不知道这是affinity有问题,还是ios有问题? 切换中文拼音键盘时,不能显示汉字。 使用英文键盘就没问题。

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