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  1. I will join with pleasure, thanks.
  2. Sorry Paulo I just noticed the auto correction completely distorted the meaning of my post. I wanted to say switching non surcharging , however thanks for your explanation I think that a window where user can set the radius for each of the corners would be a good plus also for AP
  3. I see... so if i got you ...I need to surcharging between the two apps in order to get almost the same tools as in photoshop. Is it correct?
  4. Hi guys, i am totally new to both the forum and Affinity Photo. I just started working on this app on the latest iPad Pro. Was wondering if there’s an easy way to create a rectangle with round corners without applying the radius to all 4 corners. In Photoshop you can set the radius for each of the corners independently. Is this possible in AP? Thanks for for the support.