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  1. 25 minutes ago, Leigh said:

    Could be a permissions issue - can you go to your iPad's Settings and scroll down to Affinity Photo/Affinity Designer and make sure the app has both Read and Write access to Photos. If it has, try turning it off and back on again. It's worked for other users in the past.

    Hi thanks for your advice. I can confirm it is the reason for the crash but i also want to highlight that a brand new installation of the app requires the user to make a first step by importing from camera roll. This make the option of “read/write” permissions appear in the ios settings. 


    The problem with search/filter a list of files on the cloud service using webdav still remains open. 

  2. 54 minutes ago, DM1 said:

    Re the crashing , check iOS settings for Designer and make sure it has both read and write privileges set. That is a. Common cause of crashes when saving to photo library.


    Thanks a lot  ... this specific problem has been addressed, but first of all i had to import from Camera Roll to make the option appear in privacy settings. The second problem with filtering/search in a list of files located ina (webDav) Cloud service is still something that i would recommend the support department to have a look into.

  3. Hi guys,

    When exporting to PNG format (don't know with other format)  and trying to save to Camera Roll the app crashes constantly. 

    I have to report also a bug with “Import from Cloud”. When you navigate to a specific folder on the cloud service (webdav protocol) you cannot perform a Search because you won’t get any result or filtering in your list of files. 

    Using the latest release of the app and ios (12.2)

  4. 14 hours ago, SrPx said:

    Does it also happen if you save the file as native affinity file, instead of keeping it as a *.psd ?  I would perhaps try that. Even saving it so, close it, and open the new native file to work on it the rest of the time. With the possibility of at the end export again as a PSD, if you absolutely need the final in that format (probably would need to flatten or rasterize some things for the very final PSD save, but the result could be made 1:1, visually). I don't know if has to do with that, I'd just try that.  And is only pure instinct, I have no other reason.

    Will definitely give this a try and keep ypu posted on the result. Thanks

  5. Hi guys,

    i have to report crashes not only in AP as i described in my other topic, but also in AD. When exporting to PNG and trying to save to Camera Roll the app crashes constantly. 

    I have to report also a bug with “Import from Cloud”. When you navigate to a specific folder on the cloud service (webdav protocol) you cannot perform a Search because you won’t get any result or filtering in your list of files. 

  6. 1 hour ago, MEB said:

    Hi gionaguidi,
    As far as i know we do intend support smart objects but there's no eta for its implementation. It's not in the Affinity Photo's roadmap for the 1.x cycle of the app (although we occasionally implement some things not listed/planned there).

    Ok thanks for your feedback anyway. I want to highlight that besides the limitations with smart object the app for iPad is constantly crashing with this psd file. I lowered the time between each auto saving but the app is crashing so frequently that every single adjustment on the file is not saved. 

    Not that easy to rely on this piece of software for people coming from PS and its proven stability honestly. 

  7. 16 minutes ago, MEB said:

    Hi gionaguidi,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Currently Affinity apps don't support Photoshop's smart objects. They are rasterised on import.

    Hi MEB, 


    thanks for welcoming me here. I understand... so this is a big problem when it comes to switch from PS to AP because all of your previous files that have smart objects won’t work properly. Any known roadmap on adding smart objects in AP?

  8. Hi guys, 


    i tried opening a complex Photoshop file which basically is a resume organized in 4 pages with multiple layers each. The file is definitely big (300mb) but the problem seems to have to do with compatibility between the file created in Photoshop and how AP will manage the same objects. In particular, there’s a smart object in PS which is a photo that should be visible only as a portion covered by shapes in other layers. Unfortunately the photo is not visible at all unless i re-organize the layers but obviously that brings to losing the original order of layers and the picture is totally visible instead of being shown as a portion only. In PS everything is working perfectly. 




  9. 7 hours ago, Paul Mudditt said:

    I think it's likely to do with performance, over bloating on features leads to a poor experience aka competitors product, Affinity tries to keep a high performance so splitting into separate tools makes some sense. I am just guessing on this by the way, I run the facebook fan pages Affinity Photo and Affinity Photo and Designer for iPad which you are welcome to join and not affiliated to Serif in any way.

    I will join with pleasure, thanks. 

  10. 14 hours ago, Paul Mudditt said:

    On the iPad, which is the forum you asked, they are extremely good value so hardly surcharging, just being more focused to the type of work you want to do, are you a photographer use Photo, a designer use Designer, bit of both buy both. Often available at a discount price too.

    Sorry Paulo I just noticed the auto correction completely distorted the meaning of my post. I wanted to say switching non surcharging , however thanks for your explanation 

    I think that a window where user can set the radius for each of the corners would be a good plus also for AP 

  11. I see... so if i got you ...I need to surcharging between the two apps in order to get almost the same tools as in photoshop. Is it correct?

    19 minutes ago, Paul Mudditt said:

    In Designer which is primarily a vector too yes there is a corner tool but not in Photo which is primarily a pixel tool although both packages contain a subset of the other package. The programs are complementary and you can open their files in either program.


  12. Hi guys, 


    i am totally new to both the forum and Affinity Photo. I just started working on this app on the latest iPad Pro. Was wondering if there’s an easy way to create a rectangle with round corners without applying the radius to all 4 corners. In Photoshop you can set the radius for each of the corners independently. Is this possible in AP? 


    Thanks  for for the support.