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  1. Here is a workaround IF your file is saved IN your iPad. And can’t be saved to iCloud. On your iPad Open Files App Select On My iPad Open the Designer Folder Now, don’t tap on the file because it will open, instead give it a loong touch until a menu bar pops up On the Menu Bar select MOVE A new iCloud window will open, Seelect iCloud Drive and select the folder you want to save the file Select “Copy” on the Top at the right side That’s it!! You can now verify on your Mac that the file is there.
  2. Nice job! Kindof a mix of iOS and Android all together, well done. Alex
  3. avlab

    It's Mariooo!

    50 views, no comments... I'm depressed
  4. This is my first drawing on Affinity Designer for iPad. I made the same one long time ago on another app, I wanted to see how to do it in AD, have to say it's a lot easier here. A lot more still can be done to make it 3D-ish but I wanted to recreate it the same way as the older one. Besides I'm still learning this new App. Comments are welcome. Alex
  5. Newbie here, I liked your style, pretty awesome, thanks for sharing. Alex
  6. Hi, I purchase this App yesterday, today was my very first test trying to make a simple logo out of three letters, nothing complex when I started to see the same glitches frames as mentioned here. I'm using iPad 12 cellular model, purchased new 2018, iOS 11.3. The glitch gets worst when zooming in. Exiting the App and opening it again seams to work but it will start again in like 10 to 15 minutes. Sometimes is black with white dots, others looks like a Skotch pattern, others look like a background pattern. I really hope there is a fix for this (I can't wait to dump all Adobe's stuff). Alex
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